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Lights, Camera, Action, Live...Meet the Crew in Room 25! Ms. Holohan's Fifth Class!

qOur Sponsored Walk... Visiting the Graves of Some of the Greats.





Glamorous in Glanmore ... Food for Thought.... Pass the Pasta Please!



                                       Intercultural Day 2019

We had a wonderful day on Friday 14th June celebrating our annual Intercultural Day where we shared our similarities and celebrated our differences! We thoroughly enjoyed compiling projects on different countries, learning and singing songs from around the world, wearing our national costumes and most of all we enjoyed sampling food from all around the world. It will certainly be a day to remember!

Celebration it Surrounds us, Every nation all around us -  "Waving Flag" , K'naan (2008)


School Tour May 2019


Busy as a Bee- Bot!

The children had a wonderful time last week exploring activities with our new set of Bee- Bots. The activities support children in learning computational skills,applying computational thinking and in further developing skills in relation to spatial awareness. Using BeeBot willl help children engage in open ended problems which require the use of decomposition , modeling and algorithms. 


"The Guns of Easter" by Gerard Whelan

Our novel "The Guns of Easter" by Gerard Whelan created so much scope for learning about the Easter Rising 1916 across a range of subjects throughout the curriculum. In history we thoroughly enjoyed researching facts and information about The Easter Rising and in drama we engaged in role play and reconstructed scenes from various heated chapters throughout the novel. This in turn helped to bring the novel to life for us and allowed us to relate to the feelings experienced by the main character Jimmy Conway, a boy of similar age to us. In English we carried out a number of activities based on the novel including character profiles, chapter summaries, predictions, reviews and reports. 

Last but not least a number of children really enjoyed drawing portraits of the seven signatories, weapons used during the war, uniforms and reconstructions of eye witness accounts.Each child played a tremendous role in compiling this class project and indeed it was well worth it!