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Green Schools

We were awarded our first Green Flag for litter and waste in 2009. We were awarded our second Green Flag for the theme of Energy in 2011!  A huge amount of work was undertaken in achieving this award.  Among the activities which took place were: a draft excluder competition, a poster competition, a switch it off campaign, energy workshops and a visit from Guzzler on our "No Energy Day of Action." 

Our Green Schools Committee were paying surprise visits to classrooms to see if we were turning off lights and appliances when we were leaving the room.  They were very busy recording results!  A big thanks to all the pupils and staff!  We were presented with the Green Flag in the Croke Park Conference Centre on the 24th of May.  Robyn and Allanah were the two lucky committee members chosen to attend! 

Minister for Education, Mr. Ruairi Quinn, raised the Green Flag for us on what was a memorable occasion.


Green Schools' Updates


                                                    Why Should We Walk or cycle to School?

Benefits for children:
• Learn vital life skills interacting with traffic and roads
• Improves fitness
• Contributes to part of the recommended daily exercise of an hour a day
• Exercise and fresh air help children arrive at school more alert and ready to learn
• Gain confidence in their environment
• Socialise with other children and parents, make new friends
• Less pollution – travelling by car you are exposed to up to 3 times more
pollution than on the roadside.
• Have fun! Play games on route e.g. how many green cars you see on the journey

Benefits for parents:
• Your health and fitness levels will also improve
• Increase parent and child contact
• Opportunity to socialise and meet up with your friends along the way
• Remove driving stress and improve journey quality
• Economical - think how much money you can save in a year €€€€

Benefits to health:
Reduced risk of:
• Obesity • Osteoporosis
• Heart disease • Stroke
• High Blood Pressure • Stress
• Diabetes

Benefits for the school:
• Less cars travelling to and from the school site
• Reduces congestion and air / noise pollution around the school
• Improves safety with less cars around the school
• Stronger links with the local community
• Builds safer communities
• Contributes to environmental policy


Green-School Travel

The Green-School Committee are currently working on the Green-Schools Travel theme in an effort to attain a fourth Green Flag for the school. Over the past seven years we have have earned flags for the Litter and Waste theme, Energy Conservation and Water conservation. Now we have set about tackling travel issues surrounding our school. We aim to improve the travel patterns of our families by encouraging pupils and parents to walk, cycle, park and stride, carpool and use public transport. In doing this we hope to reduce car-dependency and develop life-long healthier travel habits for everyone.

The Golden Boot Award

The Golden Boot Trophy is presented to the class/classes who have the highest percentage of walkers and cyclists each Wednesday. A green leaf is also added to the tree outside the classroom door of the winning class. This encourages all pupils to work together as a team within each class.