Olympic Handball in St. Peter's

Since the establishment of Olympic Handball boys' and girls' teams in St. Peter's over fifteen years ago, our school has achieved an outstanding level of success. Olympic Handball was first set up in 1999.

In 2003 our senior boys' team tasted success (under the watchful eye of former teacher,Mr. Daly) by winning the senior Divison 2 Dublin finals at the very first attempt . This was an incredible achievement considering that the boys had never played the game before. Down through the years, both our boys' and girls' teams have reached Dublin finals with our senior girls' team winning an Olympic Handball festival in Gormanstown, Co Meath in 2011.


Our most memorable success to date was when our boys' junior (U-11) team won the Dublin finals in 2006 beating a marvellous St. Pius X, Terenure boys' team. After a very tough first half, St. Peter's were trailing 5-0. The half-time team talk was crucial with coach, Mr. Ryan telling the boys to "go out there and play like you have got nothing to lose". The boys really turned things around in the second half (thanks in part to an excellent display in goals by Michael Scully and an overall outstanding team performance) and actually managed to keep St. Pius X scoreless while scoring 5 goals themselves-the scoreboard read 5-5 as the full-time whistle approached. Extra-time beckoned. Extra-time was full of tense and nervy moments but our boys managed to score the decisive goal to put us 6-5 in front. We all let out a collective sigh of relief as the referee blew the whistle to signal the end of a thrilling game. St. Peter's were victorious and the boys couldn't contain their delight. It was a truly unforgettable experience for those who had the pleasure of witnessing it that day.



Olympic Handball 2013-2014


On Thursday, 27th of March 2014 St. Peter's held the Inter-schools U-13 Handball blitz (Dublin North group matches). There were three schools involved; St. Peter's boys' and girls' U-13 teams, Corduff (Lusk) boys' and girls' U-13 teams and St. Colmcille's (Swords) girls' U-13 team. Our girls' team were first to play against Corduff. After a fairly close opening few minutes, the girls started to pull away and finished up very strongly in the end to record an important win. It was now the boys turn to play against Corduff's U-13. The pressure was on our boys as they knew that a win would see them through to the Dublin finals. They really stepped up to the mark and performed out of their skins to achieve the victory that was required. The girls now knew that a positive result in their second game (against St. Colmcille's) would also boost their chances of a place in the finals. The girls did the school proud and in the end they also gained a place in the finals with a superb win.


Congratulations to the boys' and girls' teams and their coaches on reaching the Dublin Finals for the second year running. The Dublin Finals will take place after the Easter holidays and we all know they will tough. The two teams will have an extra training session in the Aughrim Street Sports' Centre on Friday, 4th of April from 3-4p.m. in preparation for the Dublin Finals. We wish them the best of luck in the finals.  


The Dublin U-13 Olympic Handball finals took place on Thursday, 1st of May in Blanchardstown I.T.  Both boys’ and girls’ teams represented the school. The finals were organised into a league format with both boys and girls playing a total of four games. The boys were in competition with St. Olaf’s N.S. Dundrum,  Harold N.S., St. Mary’s, Blessington and Rush N.S. The girls had to play games against St. Olaf’s, St Mary’s, Corduff N.S. and Rush N.S.


The boys’ first game against St. Olaf’s was a very close-run affair. The boys were very competitive and in the end narrowly lost. They went from strength to strength after their first match and could have salvaged a draw against the All-Ireland champions, Harold but lost by a single goal. They played very well and won their next match against St. Mary’s, Blessington. Their final match was against Rush N.S. (the eventual Dublin champions). It was a very close match with Rush leading 1-0 at half time. The boys rallied in the second half and were 2-1 down with two minutes to play. Our goalkeeper miraculously saved two penalties to keep us in the match. On the stroke of full time our centre scored the decisive equaliser to earn a 2-2 draw!!!


The girls’ team also played four matches narrowly losing three and winning their last game against St. Mary’s , Blessington. Overall the boys and girls did the school proud and were presented with medals for their wonderful achievements. 








Olympic Handball 2014-2015  

Senior Olympic Handball trials (4th-6th classes) took place over the course of a few lunchtimes at the end of September. We had over 100 pupils participating in trials. Ms. Carroll and Mr. Ryan are currently carrying out secondary trials with the hope of selecting this years' girls' and boys' senior Olympic Handball teams. Best of luck to all concerned in the year ahead!!


Olympic Handball will start on Thursday, 6th of November for the girls (2:30-3:30p.m.) and on Friday, 7th of November for the boys (2:30-3:30p.m.) 


Olympic Handball Dublin Group Stage Tournament

Our Olympic Handball round-robin tournament will take place on Thursday, 26th of February in St. Peter's. We will welcome U-13 boys' and girls' teams from Rush N.S., Corduff N.S. and an U-13 boys' team from St. Lorcan's Palmerstown. Best of luck to the U-13 boys' and girls' teams on Thursday and to their coaches Ms. Carroll and Mr. Ryan.

 Image result for olympic handball logo


Our Olympic Handball tournament took place on Thursday, 26th of February in St. Peter's N.S. The boys were playing first against a very strong and quick St. Lorcan's N.S. team. After battling valiantly we narrowly lost out in the end by just two goals. The boys battled bravely against Corduff N.S. but ran out of steam in the end. Our final game was against Rush N.S. (last year’s Dublin champions). St. Peter’s started very well and were leading with five minutes to play but the experience of Rush N.S. resulted in another narrow defeat for the boys.
The girls’ team played two games against Corduff N.S. and Rush N.S. After a narrow defeat against Corduff (Dublin champions) the girls played extremely well to defeat Rush (for the first time).
Our boys’ and girls’ teams will now travel to Blanchardstown I.T. on Tuesday, 24th of March for the second round of group matches. Best of luck to all concerned.
Round 2 Dublin Senior Olympic Handball Group Stages
The second round of Olympic Handball games took place on Tuesday, 24th of March in Blanchardstown I.T. The boys played two games against Rush N.S. and two games against St. Lorcan's, Palmerstown. The girls played two games against Rush N.S. and two games against Muslim N.S. The girls started first with a narrow win against Muslim N.S. This followed a great victory over Rush N.S. and a nerve tingling 6-5 last second victory over Muslim N.S. Their final game was against Rush N.S.The girls lost narrowly in the end.
The boys' first match was against Rush (Dublin Champions). Rush stormed into the lead but the boys managed to pull back a crucial goal at the end of the match before losing in the end. The boys really pulled up their socks in the second game against Rush.Thanks to some superb goalkeeping and great work from our centres and wingers the boys achieved a fantatic 3-2 victory! Next up was an outstanding St. Lorcan's team. The boys matched their opponents goal for goal. St. Peter's were winning 3-2 with a few minutes to play. St. Lorcan's strength and speed paid off in the end as they scored two goals to record a narrow win. Our boys turned the tables in the seond game against St. Lorcan's. All our players played extremely well and we achieved a stunning 4-2 victory (the only team to beat St. Lorcan's over the two rounds).
Both the boys and girls will play two more games each against Corduff N.S. after the Easter holidays. The girls have a great chance of qualifying for the Dublin finals. The boys will need two victories against Corduff to give themselves a chance of qualifying. 
Well done to both the boys' and girls' teams on their performances today.   
 The girls in action against Muslim N.S.
 The boys in their final match against St. Lorcan's, Palmerstown.
The final Olympic Handball tournament day will take place on Wednesday, 29th of April in St. Peter's N.S. Both St. Peter's boys' and girls' teams have to play Corduff N.S. twice in order to progress to the Dublin finals. Best of luck to the boys and girls and their coaches, Ms. Carroll and Mr. Ryan.
Our Final Olympic Handball group stage games took place on Wednesday, 29th of April in the school hall. Both our boys' and girls' team played Corduff N.S. twice. There were teams from Rush N.S. and St. Lorcan's, Palmerstown also present. The girls performed excellently , winning both of their matches against Corduff (4-2 and 7-0) and are almost guaranteed a place in the Dublin finals. The boys also performed exceptionally well winning both of their matches against Corduff (winning 10-2 and 8-2). However, our boys' team were looking for a favour-we required Corduff to defeat Rush once to give our team a chance of making the Dublin finals. Unfortunately, Corduff couldn't defeat Rush. 
The  results have been submitted to the I.O.H.A. for confirmation. Well done to all the boys and girls and their coaches for their hard working during the year. Pictures of the handball group games will follow shortly.
Our girls team in actions against Corduff N.S. (Wednesday, 29th of April)
Dublin Finals
The U-13 Dublin finals will take place on Tuesday, 19th of May in Colaiste de hIde, Tallaght. The Girls have already qualified. We are awaiting news on whether the boys have qualified or not for the finals. Best of luck to all the player and coaches involved.
The Dublin finals took place on Tuesday, 19th of May in Tallaght. The girls faced Muslim N.S. in the semi finals. The girls had already played Muslim N.S. twice before in the group stages and so they were familiar their team. In what a very close match, the girls narrowly lost out in the end by a single goal. The girls, however, did claim 3rd place in Dublin by defeating St. Olaf's N.S. by a single goal in the 3rd/4th place playoff. Congratulations to the girls on doing so well this year.
Unfortunately, the boys were not involved in the Dublin finals for the first time in three years. St. Lorcan's N.S. got the better of Rush N.S. in the boys final. Our boys have a slight consolation in the fact that they were the only school in Dublin who were able to defeat St. Lorcan's (Leinster champions).
The Senior boys' and girls' teams will have their annual in-school handball blitz in the school over the course of the next few weeks. There will be five mixed teams participating in the tournament with medals awarded to the 1st and 2nd placed teams. A boy and girl from each team will also receive a 'Handballer of the Year' trophy. 
Mr. Ryan and Ms. Carroll wish to thank the boys and girls for all their hard work this year.  
Olympic Handball 2015/2016
Senior Olympic Handball trials took place over the course of October. Ms. Carroll and Mr. Ryan have selected their teams and training for the upcoming year will take place after the mid term break. Best of luck to both temas and their coaches. Let's hope they have another successful year this year. 
St. Peter's N.S. will host  the first round of Dublin Group matches for the U-13 boys' and girls' Olympic Handball teams on Tuesday 1st  of March. We will welcome boys' and girls' teams from St. Kevin's, Tallaght, St. Olaf's, Dundrum, Muslim N.S. and Harold Boys' Olympic Handballers. Best of luck to our two teams on Tuesday. The remaining games in the Dublin league will be played within the next few weeks. The girls will play Corduff, Rush, St. Attracta's and St. Mary's. The boys will play St. Lorcan's. St. Mary's, Rush, St Attracta's and Corduff.  
The first round of Olympic Handball matches took place on Tuesday, 1st March. The boys started off extermely well in their first game against Muslim N.S. and ended up winning by a healthy margin in the end. The girls also got off to a great start by defeating St. Olaf's. They defeated Muslim by a close margin of just three goals and finised off their matches with an excellent performance and win against St. Kevin's N.S.
The boys were playing Harold N.S. (All-Ireland champions a few years ago) next. Once again our boys got off to a superb start and Harold couldn't cope with the power of our back-court players and the speed of our wingers. In the end, St. Peter's were worthy winners. Our final match ended in disappointment against St. Olaf's as we lost in the end by a goal. The match was neck and neck from start to finish. 
Overall the boys and girls did extremely well with the girls winning all three matches and the boys winning two of their three matches. 
St. Peter's boys' and girls' Olympic Handball teams will play the final round of the Dublin group stage in Gormanstown College, Meath on Friday, 8th of April. The boys are playing five matches (Rush N.S. Corduff N.S. St. Mary's, St. Lorcan's and St. Attracta's). The girls will be playing four matches (the same teams as the boys except for St. Lorcan's). Best of luck to all the players and coaches involved. The top four teams in both boys' and girls' groups will play in the Dublin semi-finals. 
The boys and girls played their final group stage matches on Friday, 8th of April in Gormanstown, Co. Meath. The boys and girls were over-awed by the size of the hall but they settled into their stride quickly. The girls played four matches (Rush N.S.,Corduff N.S.,St. Mary's, and St. Attractas. The girls performed very well as they recorded two victories, one draw and one defeat. On current standings the girls are second in the table and are well placed to reach the Dublin finals.
The boys started off very well with a fantastic victory against St. Lorcan's (All-Ireland Champions). They followed this up with another great win against Rush N.S. (Dublin champions of two years ago). The boys then scored a goal in the last minute to draw with a very quick Corduff team. Their following match was against a very tall and strong St. Mary's team. The boys had another great victory in the end. All the squad were given a chance to play in the final match against St.  Attracta's and the boys played very well. In the end the boys drew their final game.
Overall both teams finished in the top half of the table and will progress to the Dublin finals which will be played at the end of the month. You can check out some pictures of the boys and girls in action on the Olympic Handball facebook page.
The Dublin Olympic Handball U-13 finals took place in Coláiste de hÍde, Talaght on Friday, 13th of May. St. Peter's boys' and girls' teams had both reached the finals. In the girls semi-final, they faced a very strong Corduff side. The girls tried very hard but luck was not on their side on the day. In their 3rd/4th place play off they faced a formidable Rush side. The girls played a lot better in their second game and narrowly lost out in the end. Congralutations to the girls and their coach Ms. Carroll who have worked so hard for the past six months since the start of the handball season. 
In the boys' semi-final they faced the newcomers St. Attracta's. The boys powered ahead and were well in control from the start. However, they got a little complacent and let Attracta's creep back into the match. In the end the experience of our boys in big matches paid off and they qualified for the Dublin finals. In the other sem-final a powerful Rush team defeated Harold N.S. It was a dream final pairing. The challengers (St. Peter's against the Dublin champions of two years ago (Rush N.S.)). The game was evenly matched from start to finish with some outstanding handball being played. In the last few seconds of normal time with the game tied at 3-3, our goalkeeper pulled off a superb save with his foot to keep Peter's dreams alive. 
The game went to extra time. In what was a very close contest, the desire and will to win was a bit stronger in our boys and our back court players combined to score the winning goal with less than a minute to play. Our defensive efforts in the end paid off and the boys screamed with glee when they heard the final whistle. St. Peter's boys were finally U-13 champions!!!!!!! (our first Dublin championship in ten years).
Mr. Ryan wishes to thank all the boys who have trained very hard (coming in at eight o' clock some mornings) over the past six months to achieve their goal. He also wishes to thank our parents who have been so supportive. However, there is still one hurdle to overcome- the Leinster Finals (details will follow shortly).
 More pictures of the Dublin finals will be posted in the near future.  
On Saturday, 11th of June a number of boys from the St. Peter's National School handball team were invited to take part in academy training sessions with a view to possibly representing their country in the future. The boys were certainly put through their paces as they were training for two full hours. Academy sessions will take place once a month in different locations around the county. 
On Tuesday, 14th of June, our senior Olympic Handball team were representing the school in the Leinster finals. The boys had done magnificently well up to this point. They were current Dublin champions having defeated Rush in the final after extra time last month. We knew that the standard was going to be even higher in the Leinster finals. We were playing St. Colmcilles, Skyrne (Co. Meath( in our semi final)). The boys started well and their strength and experience paid off in the end as they were comfortable winners to gain a place in the finals. Rush were defeated by a very strong St. Paul's ,Ratoath (Co. Meath) team. So the final pairing was St. Paul's vs. St. Peter's. After a very quick start, St. Paul's raced into a 2 goal lead but our boys showed great character to tie the match. St. Paul's speed and strength meant that they pulled away and unfortunately, we couldn't catch them. In the end the boys played very well and just lost out. We are very proud of the effort that they have put in this year. They all have a Dublin gold medal, Leinster silver medal and a Dublin winners trophy to celebrate.
Well done to the girls on reaching the Dublin finals again this year.
Images from the Leinster Finals in Blanchardstown I.T. (Tuesday, 14th June)
We will have our end of year Olympic Handball presentation on Thursday, 16th of June in the hall at lunch to celebrate a very successful season.
Olympic Handball 2016/2017
Having completed trials in October, the boys' and girls' Olympic Handball teams have been selected for the new year and are busy training in preparation for the first matches to take place in the new year. Best wishes to all pupils and coaches involved.
Even though we have only started training in October, the first round matches of the Dublin group stage are upon us!! On Tuesday, 6th of December our boys' and girls' U-13 teams will travel up to Gormanstown, Co. Meath. Our boys will be playing four games (Harold N.S., Corduff, St. Attracta's and St. Mary's). Our girls will play three games (St. Attracta's, St. Mary's and Corduff). Best of luck to all involved on the 6th of December.
Our first round of games for the season took place in Gormanston College, Co. Meath on Tuesday, 6th of December. The girls were playing three matches (St. Mary's, Co. Wicklow, Corduff N.S. and St. Attracta's N.S.). After fighting very bravely in all three matches the girls improved as each game progressed and look forward to meeting these teams again in the new year.
The boys were playing four teams (St. Attracta's N.S. Corduff N.S. Harold N.S. and St. Mary's N.S). They didn't get off to the best of starts in their first match but came back very strongly and won their next two matches and were winning their final match until the opposition scored a last minute equaliser. The boys still managed to top the table after four matches.
Both sets of teams will now have a few weeks to recover before the season re-starts after Christmas.
Our senior girls' team in action.

 Our senior boys in action against Corduff, Harold and St. Mary's.
On Monday, 6th of March, our senior boys' and girls' olympic handball teams travelled to Gormanston, Co. Meath to play the final matches of the Dublin group stages. The boys and girls played two matches each. The girl faced a tough task against Corduff in their first match and lost up but they greatly improved in the second match and deservedly won against St. Mary's Blessington.
In their first match the boys raced into a 4-1 lead against St. Mary's. Mary's came back strongly but our boys held on to win in the end. In the second match against Corduff, we started strongly but Corduff did well to take the lead. It was very close in the end with the boys narrowly losing out. We are now waiting to see the final tables to see who progresses onto the Dublin finals.


Pictures from the girls' matches







 The boys in action against St. Mary's and Corduff N.S.











Final group matches and Dublin Finals-April 5th 2017

Having finished top of their group after six matches, our boys knew that a win against St. Attracta's in their final game would guarantee them top spot and a place in the semi-finals. The pressure was certainly on our boys as they had played their first match of the season against them and found them to be a very tough opposition. The boys definitely rose to the occasion. The strength of our attack and some solid defending meant that we had a resounding victory in the end-a complete turn-around from their previous match against the same oppostion. 

This fantastic win meant that we were set to face St. Olaf's in the semi-final (a team we hadn't beaten in our two previous attempts!) The boys were going to have create history if they were to reach the Dublin final for the second year in a row. The boys started well and kept Olaf's at bay to win out in the end. A repeat of last year's Dublin final (St. Peter's vs. Rush) was on the cards.

In the final, the boys started extremely well racing into a 4-2 lead. However, some clever play from the star player from Rush meant that we were 5-4 behind with only four minutes left on the clock. We managed to tie the match at 5-5 but Rush had the final say scoring the winning goal with a minute to go to win 6-5 (they had gained revenge as we had beaten them 4-3 in the final the previous year!). The boys were disappointed but they still collected their Dublin trophy from last year, their silver medals and have a Leinster final to prepare for in May.

Congratulations to our boys on a great season so far.

Pictures of the day.









  Collecting our Dublin winner's trophy from 2016!!


The boys then progressed onto the Leinster finals in Gormanstown where they were narrowly beaten by the Leinster champions. St. Paul's (Meath) 3-2. In the 3rd/4th place play-off they had a chance to replay their Dublin Final against Rush. Our boys certainly had their homework done and sniffed out Rush's strategy for scoring goals. The boys won comfortably in the end and were worthy of their third placing in Leinster.



2017-2018 season 

On Monday, 22nd of January, our boys' and girls' senior Olympic Handball teams travelled to Gormanston to compete in the Dublin qualifiers. The girls had already played three of their competitive games and had three more to play on the day. The boys, however, had eight games to play as they had only participated in friendly games beforehand. The boys had to play St. Mary's (twice), St. Attracta's (twice), Harold 1 (twice) and Harold 3 (twice) to determine their fate.  The girls performed very well, drawing their second match and only narrowly losing their other two matches. After their first match against St. Attracta's, the boys really picked up their efforts winning three matches, drawing two and narrowly losing the other two matches. The final results have yet to be decided so the boys are waiting to see if they have qualified or not. Unfortunatley, the girls will have to wait until next year.


The U-13 Olympic Handball finals took place on Monday, 19th of February in the Blanchardstown Indoor Arena. Our boys were pitted against the reigning Dublin champions, Rush (who beat us by a single goal in the final last year) in the semi-finals. Rush got off to a great start and never looked like stopping. Our young squad found it difficult to keep up with their pace and lost out in the end. In the 3rd/4th place play-off against Corduff, we made a very strong start to go 1-0 up. Corduff then powered back and took a lead with 5 minutes to go. The score was 2-1. Our boys showed great resilience and team-work when our circle-runner headed towards the opposition defence and scored a fantastic goal to draw us level. the game went to extra-time. Unfortunatley,  Corduff scored a penalty to go 3-2 ahead and that's how the scoreline remained. 

Our very young squad went above and beyond expectations to reach the Dublin Finals and represented the school very well.








 There will be an in-school Olympic Handball tournament at the end of May/early June to round off the school year.


Pictures from the qualifying rounds on January 22nd in Gormanston.




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