Flying the Green Flag!

St. Peter's N.S. is a Green School.
We were awarded our first Green Flag for litter and waste in 2009. We were awarded our second Green Flag for the theme of Energy in 2011!  A huge amount of work was undertaken in achieving this award.  Among the activities which took place were: a draft excluder competition, a poster competition, a switch it off campaign, energy workshops and a visit from Guzzler on our "No Energy Day of Action." 

Our Green Schools Committee were paying surprise visits to classrooms to see if we were turning off lights and appliances when we were leaving the room.  They were very busy recording results!  A big thanks to all the pupils and staff!  We were presented with the Green Flag in the Croke Park Conference Centre on the 24th of May.  Robyn and Allanah were the two lucky committee members chosen to attend! 

Minister for Education, Mr. Ruairi Quinn, raised the Green Flag for us on what was a memorable occasion.


Green Schools' Updates


                                                    Why Should We Walk or cycle to School?

Benefits for children:
• Learn vital life skills interacting with traffic and roads
• Improves fitness
• Contributes to part of the recommended daily exercise of an hour a day
• Exercise and fresh air help children arrive at school more alert and ready to learn
• Gain confidence in their environment
• Socialise with other children and parents, make new friends
• Less pollution – travelling by car you are exposed to up to 3 times more
pollution than on the roadside.
• Have fun! Play games on route e.g. how many green cars you see on the journey

Benefits for parents:
• Your health and fitness levels will also improve
• Increase parent and child contact
• Opportunity to socialise and meet up with your friends along the way
• Remove driving stress and improve journey quality
• Economical - think how much money you can save in a year €€€€

Benefits to health:
Reduced risk of:
• Obesity • Osteoporosis
• Heart disease • Stroke
• High Blood Pressure • Stress
• Diabetes

Benefits for the school:
• Less cars travelling to and from the school site
• Reduces congestion and air / noise pollution around the school
• Improves safety with less cars around the school
• Stronger links with the local community
• Builds safer communities
• Contributes to environmental policy

Green-School Travel

The Green-School Committee are currently working on the Green-Schools Travel theme in an effort to attain a fourth Green Flag for the school. Over the past seven years we have have earned flags for the Litter and Waste theme, Energy Conservation and Water conservation. Now we have set about tackling travel issues surrounding our school. We aim to improve the travel patterns of our families by encouraging pupils and parents to walk, cycle, park and stride, carpool and use public transport. In doing this we hope to reduce car-dependency and develop life-long healthier travel habits for everyone.

The Golden Boot Award

The Golden Boot Trophy is presented to the class/classes who have the highest percentage of walkers and cyclists each Wednesday. A green leaf is also added to the tree outside the classroom door of the winning class. This encourages all pupils to work together as a team within each class.




COW, SOW and WOW Days!
The school has hosted  a  WOW Day (Walk on Wednesday), a COW Day (Cycle on Wednesday) and a SOW (Scoot on Wednesday) to further promote environmentally-friendly forms of travel. It was great to be a part of the first National SOW Day which is the latest Green-Schools travel initiative to encourage pupils to scoot to school. All these days have proven to be hugely successful with the majority or our pupils getting involved. The co-operation and support we received from parents on these days was truly heart-warming and for that we are very grateful. The number of pupils arriving on scooters and bikes on our SOW and COW Days was a sight to behold. St Peter’s Road was almost completely car-free on these days; our vision is to witness scenes like this more often. These launch days have been very memorable occasions for our pupils.


Our Green Schools Action Day April 9th 2014

We planned our Travel Action Day so that it coincided with our WOW (Walk on Wednesday) Launch Day. After days of preparation; thankfully the morning of our WOW Day was dry so we didn't have to worry about the paint on the banner turning into an indecipherable mess! We gave out RSA high visibility vests to the younger kids the previous day to wear that morning so I'm sure that helped remind everybody about the event. Some older kids arrived in early to help distribute the juices and rice cakes provided by Glanmore foods, to the droves of lively pupils arriving on foot. The younger children were delighted with the stickers, praise and treats. 100% of the kids and teachers in 5 classes walked and over 90% almost all the other classes. The entire school day was devoted to Travel with travel being linked into every curricular subject possible. Poems were composed and studied; experiments were carried out; our carbon footprints were looked at; we delved onto the lives of famous explorers and examined the changes in transport over time. Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable and very educational day for staff and pupils alike.





 Thanks Tony!!!!


                                                        Biodiversity Green Flag

Since September 2016, we have been working towards our 5th Green Flag for the school. Our current theme is Biodiversity so we are all learning a lot about nature and how best to preserve and protect our environment. We have planted lots of bulbs and seeds in our classrooms and have even sown some flowers in our old wellies! We have created new habitats in the school grounds by building a bug hotel, hanging up nesting boxes and making a leaf pile. We have made our own bird feeders and nesting boxes for the school yard. For our Biodiversity Day of Action in September, we went looking for colours in Nature and carried out nature trails in Mount Bernard Park, Phoenix Park and the Botanic Gardens, Junior Infants visited the Bug Hotel on a bug Hunt! We all had a great day out! We all out our heads together to compose a new Biodiversity Green Code for our school. This is how it goes:


St. Peter's Biodiversity Green Code

From nature we get food to eat

Eggs from hens and bread from wheat

Trees bear fruit and flowers we pick

Cures from plants can help the sick


St. Peter's pupils know it's fair

To pay back nature, show we care

Go for a picnic, leave not a trace

A litter free world is a much nicer place


Throw back small fish to the seas

And dow new native plants and trees

We try to walk or ride a bike

We catch a bus when we can't hike


Railways and factories, long motorway

Bulldozing habitats, animals pay

Woodlands and hedgerows are all cut away

The birds can't survive if they've nowhere to lay


Washing powder, cleaning sprays

We have to look for other ways!

Fertilisers on the farm

chemicals are causing harm


We must stop the decline of the bee population

The earth can't go on without plant pollination

Species we're losing, becoming extinct

The food webs and food chains all nature is linked.






Nature trails that took place





 Infant Art as part of the Biodiversity theme




As part of our Biodoversitytheme for this year our pupils are undertaking a range of projects. Below you will see samples of their work.

















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