3rd/4th class News-January 2015

Ms. Ryan’s 3rd class News: 

During the month of January we studied farming through the ages and how it has evolved. We were also busy learning all about the Normans in Ireland and their way of life. We examined a model Norman castle, including a keep and a moat which enabled us to see how the Normans defended themselves. We plotted bar graphs of our favourite colours in Maths and in Irish we conducted role plays in a restaurant using vocabulary we learned on the theme of food. 
Ms. O’Reilly’s 3rd/4th class News:
This month we learned about the different types of climates around the world. We are currently working on projects and we will present these on a slide show. We made beautiful chalk pictures of the Northern Lights in the Arctic region! We learned all about TV and our favourite programmes in Gaeilge. In Maths we were learning about how to count our money and work out the correct change! We really enjoyed the book fair and are looking forward to reading our new books. 
Ms. McCann’s 4th class News:
We were learning how to do a simple sewing stitch this month. We made hand puppets by sewing two pieces of felt together. Now we have to add the eyes, nose and mouth! In Maths we are covering the topics of decimals and money. We are busy counting up amounts of money and working out the correct change. 
                                                      3rd/4th class News-February-April 2015
February 2015
Ms. Ryan’s News: 
During the month of February, we learned about Australia including the geography, the history of its people and the culture. We learned about the Aboriginal people and listened to a piece of music being played on the didgeridoo. We began to prepare for the Seachtain a Gaeilge concert and learned a beautiful song called ‘Tá mo chleamhnas a dhéanamh’, which we are really looking forward to singing. We also practised the Kerry Polka on our tin whistles and we really enjoyed this! 
Ms. O' Reilly’s News:
This month we learnt all about measuring and multiplying in maths. We learnt how to talk about our favourite T.V. programmes and movies as Gaeilge. We are reading a very exciting new novel in our English. We made some pretty Valentines cards and we made some fantastic maps and posters for our Green School’s Project. 
Ms. McCann’s News: 
We have been learning about the Greeks. First we read the story of ‘The Wooden Horse of Troy’ which sparked our interest. We then researched them on our laptops. Our favourite things to learn about were the Greek Gods such as Hades, Herma and Zeus.
March 2015
Ms. Ryan’s News: 
During the month of March we began studying the Irish famine. We learned about the impact that the famine had on the people of Ireland and how eviction and emigration affected the population. In Art, we made soup kitchens, workhouses and famine cottages using clay. We were busy preparing for the Seachtain na Gaeilge concert and really enjoyed performing our songs and tin whistle pieces. Sandybelle kept us entertained with the jigs and the reel! In honour of the Six Nation’s competition and St Patrick's Day we also learned the song "Ireland's Call".
Ms. O’Reilly’s News:
This month we learned about the rainforest in Geography. We researched the different animals that you would find in each layer of the rainforest. We worked in pairs and used our laptops for this. We are really enjoying our novel in English and are looking forward to finding out what happens next! In Gaeilge we learnt all about pastimes. We sang a song and recited a poem for our Seachtain na Gaelige ceolchoirm. We created spring daffodils for art and we are also learning how to knit!! 
Ms. McCann’s News:
We have been taking part in ‘Power Hour’ since mid-term. This is when we set up four tables in the classroom. Each table has a teacher and 6 children. We do Literacy work at two tables and Numeracy at the other two. It’s much easier to learn in small groups! A big Thank you to Ms. O’ Connor, Ms. Mitchell, Ms. Coy and Ms. Kelly for all their help so far in this new exciting part of our learning experience! 
April 2015
Ms. Ryan’s Class:
During the month of April we learned about the continent of Antarctica including its location and its flora and fauna. We studied the race to the South Pole between Scott and Amundsen and the vital role Tom Crean played in the expeditions to the South Pole. We are really enjoying the novel ‘The B.F.G’ and have written acrostic poems based on the characters in the story. We learned the song ‘Lord of the Dance’ and ‘Let it Be’ on our tin whistles. 
Ms.O’ Reilly’s Class:  
In our class this month we learned all about the earth. We researched natural disasters and the impacts they have on the world. We are learning about ‘Our School’ and how to talk all about ‘Ar Scoil’ as Gaeilge. We also learned to sing a pop song in both English and Irish. We loved doing that! We are almost finished our class novel which we are really enjoying. We also had lots of fun at Sport’s Day! 
Ms. McCann’s Class:
This month, we researched what schools were like in Ireland in the past. We used our history books and the Internet. We learned that children used to write in small blackboards, they sat on hard wooden benches and there was a fire in the classroom to stay warm. We even learned that you were hit with a cane if you misbehaved! We even did some research on our own school. Did you know that St Peter's was established in 1891!
                                                          3rd and 4th class news -May 2015
Ms. Ryan’s Class:
During the month of May we have been learning about ancient societies such as the Ancient Greeks and the Aztecs. We compared these civilisations and the legacy they left behind. In Science, we learned that sound is a form of energy caused by vibrations. We created low pitch and high pitch using various musical instruments. In music we learned to play ‘Amhrán na bhFiann’ on our own tin whistles and also learned the words. 
Ms. O’ Reilly’s Class:  
This month we learned about the Titanic. We researched the famous ship on the laptops and we wrote messages that we might put in a bottle if we were on board. We painted pictures of the Titanic too! We have recently learned about capacity and weight in Maths and in Gaeilge we are learning how to describe our clothes and different things we would wear for different occasions. We also went on our school tour this month and we all loved the zip line. It was a lot of fun! 
Ms. McCann’s Class:
We are reading ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Murpurgo. It is a story of a boy who gets shipwrecked on a deserted island. Luckily for him, a stranger helps him out. We can’t wait to find out what happens next! 

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