April newsletter

Junior Infants have been learning all about the Lifecycle of the Butterfly (in particular the Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly) in SESE this month noting the four stages of its lifecycle: egg – caterpillar – cocoon – butterfly.  We are currently waiting on our baby live caterpillars to be delivered to our classrooms so we can observe firsthand the changes they undergo.  The infants also got an opportunity to examine the Lifecycle of the Snail and identify its features e.g. eye spots, shell, foot, mouth, tentacles etc. We designed beautiful snail shells in Art which are displayed in our classrooms using the technique of marbling or blow-painting.

Senior Infants
In English, we have listened to the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we were given the opportunity to sequence the events of the story too.
We had our annual Sports Day in Dalymount Park this month.  The infants had great fun taking part in the various activities set up at each station i.e. sack race, egg and spoon races, relays, parachute activities and ball skills.  
We had lots of fun at Sports’ Day.  We did the egg -and-spoon race, the sack race, the three-legged race, played with the parachute and lots of obstacle courses. In science we learned about the life cycle of the butterfly and we will soon be getting caterpillars to look after in our classroom.  In maths we have been learning about time and the number ten.  We learned about the different forms of transport used in the past and discussed how it has changed.  We drew pictures of what we think cars will look like in the future.! We have learned a lot about animals: pets and wild animals. In art we made masks of the different animals we learned about.      
Ms. M. Flanagan
This month in our class learned all about Money and Length in Maths.  We also learned "half past" on the clock and revised Time, including the calendar and the months and seasons.  To tie in with that theme we were doing "Ag Siopadóireacht" in Irish as well as "An Teilifís."  In Science we used some lovely ice pops for an experiment; we put them in different places and were finding out which one would melt faster and why.  We also made some butter!  We are learning all about the farm at the moment and the food that comes from the farm as we will be visiting one for our school tour in May.   We were very lucky to have had Dale Treadwell visiting our classroom and he gave us a great talk on Biodiversity.  We also got to look at some mini-beasts we had learned about.   We enjoyed a great Sports Day in Dalymount and had great fun!  We looked at the Sunflowers painting by VanGogh and recreated our own masterpieces!  We also planted some sunflowers and they are growing now!

Ms. A. Quinn
We are all shocked to find ourselves nearing the  end of April. I guess time flies when you are having fun! :)We are enjoying watching our plants continue to grow! Luckily we were such experts in plants that we knew to replant our flowers into bigger containers because, of course, plants need space in order to grow!  In science we learned all about dairy farming and dairy products. We learned about the history of cheese and how it is made. It was interesting tracking the whole process from farm to fridge. Seeing as we were learning about dairy products we decided to make our own butter. We all agreed that it was "First Class" and very delicious! We also learned the poem "The Cow" which tied in with this theme.
We took advantage of the sunny weather and took a trip to the school yard measuring various things such as the length and width of the yard using metre sticks and trundle wheels. Dale Treadwell visited us and showed us various bugs and insects.
We are continuing to enjoy singing having learned "Spoonful of Sugar", "Tomorrow" and "The Bear Necessities". We enjoy singing these when we are tidying up after lunch or getting ourselves organised for the next lesson.
The highlight for many this month was the Sport's Day. All children should be congratulated for their team spirit and enthusiasm. Thanks also to William who unfortunately could not take part in the sports but was a fantastic helper! :)

Ms. S. Mulhall
During the month of April we have been learning all about life cycles for our biodiversity green schools flag. We have studied all about the life cycle of a butterfly and an ant. For our art lesson last week, we created bright colourful butterflies with symmetrical paint patterns and we also wrote reports about butterflies for our First Steps writing. We had a visit from Dale Treadwell, the presenter of Naturally Wild on RTE. He read stories with us and he showed us a variety of very exciting bugs and insects. It was very interesting. We thoroughly enjoyed our sports day in Dalymount Football Stadium. We had great fun with the sack race, the three legged race, the egg and spoon and many more. In maths this month, we have been learning all about money and length. We measured the length and width of the school yard using metre sticks. It was great to get real practice. 
We are really looking forward to our school tour to Causey Farm next month!
Ms. E Reilly
Another very busy month has passed in our class. We have settled into our new places and are hard at work. We have been writing lots of reports in English and our favourite so far was our 'Moonlanding' report. We found out some really interesting facts and we really loved researching the topic. 
We have also been learning all about time in Maths...we are excellent at reading both analogue and digital clocks now...we practise every day!
In art we made beautiful mosaics, using different coloured squares. The creativity we used and the designs we produced were just beautiful :) They are on display in our corridor. 
Finally, our communion children are preparing so hard this month for their First Holy Communion, on May 8th, and we really are very excited about our big day. We have made some fabulous pieces of art but they are a secret for now, ssssssshhhh :) Thank you to everyone who is helping us in the lead up as we prepare :)
Ms. S. Moore
For the month of April we enjoyed learning about and using magnets. We investigated which magnets were the strongest and which were the weakest. We also investigated which classroom items were magnetic. In History and Geography, we enjoyed learning all about Brazil. We looked at their different culture, food, festivals and also we read about the famous footballer Pele. On Friday last, we had our Sports Day. We all enjoyed participating in a variety of games from football and athletics to sack races, egg and spoon races, three-legged races and much more. The Communion children are busy for their First Holy Communion. The ceremony will be held on May 8th in St. Peter's Church at 11:30am sharp. We would like to invite you all to this wonderful celebration.!!!
Ms. S. Molloy
This has been a busy month for our class! We have been learning about weight and time, symmetry and number patterns and have been revising fractions. We have almost completed our division tables and are really getting good at them. In English we read lots of interesting stories, including Jakub and the Kaha Bird. This story had an important message - always be grateful for what you have. We talked about how lucky we are and told each other all of the things we were grateful for like our lovely families and our wonderful friends. We were also thinking about what we wanted to be when we grow up. The students of 3rd class are very ambitious, with hopes of becoming doctors, vets, teachers and even actors! We learned a lovely song called 'When I Grow Up' from the musical Matilda also. We really enjoy singing it together. On the 22nd of April we went to Dalymount Park for our annual Sports’ Day. There was a sack race, an egg and spoon race, relays, games, a parachute and lots more. The sun was shining and we had a great time! 
Ms. M. Beirne
In April third class started work on their report writing as part of the First Steps programme. We wrote reports on various wild animals and also on famous historical figures. To mark the centenary of the 1916 Rising we learned about some of the famous figures involved in the rebellion in the G.P.O. and at other landmark buildings around the city. It was also the centenary of Tom Crean's heroic 800 mile journey from Elephant Island to South Georgia in a life boat in order to raise the alarm for his comrades who were stranded on that uninhabited island after the crushing of their ship the Endurance in packed ice off the Antarctic coast. We learned about this expedition and his previous two Antarctic expeditions with the other famous explorers Scott and Shackleton.  In Maths we have been learning about time and we have been using calendars and timetables in order to work out duration as well as starting and finishing times of events. We have also been working with liquid measures and comparing greater and lesser amounts in capacity. In art we have been working in pairs on our Extension art in order to create beautiful images from landscape and urban settings 
Ms. A. Ryan
During the month of April, we have been busy learning all about rocks and soils. In Geography we discovered that there are three different types of rocks based on the way they form, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. When magma cools and solidifies it forms igneous rock. Examples of igneous rocks include granite and basalt. Sediment deposited over time, often as layers at the bottom of lakes and oceans, forms sedimentary rocks. Examples of sedimentary rocks include sandstone and even chalk! Finally, we learned that extreme pressure and heat over time forms metamorphic rocks. Marble is a metamorphic rock. We had an opportunity to examine samples of the different types of rock using our rock collection in the Science room.  In Science, we focused on the human ear and the parts of same. We learned that the smallest bone in the human body is the stirrup which helps to send nerve signals to the brain to enable us to hear. We learned some more tin whistle pieces in preparation for First Holy Communion and we are really looking forward to singing and  performing on the day !
Mr. Ryan
This month in our class we are spending a lot of time focusing on earthquakes in Geography. We studied some famous earthquakes in the past and learned about the focus and epicentre of an earthquake. We looked briefly at the work a seismologist does and how they use seismographs to measure the strength or intensity of an earthquake. We looked at footage of the most recent powerful earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador. We continued our theme of forces in Science from last month and examined the concepts of upthrust, gravity, air resistance, levers, pulleys, friction and ramps. We created our own parachutes and designed and made gliders to test the effect of air resistance on them. We are also briefly looking at Sir Isaac Newton's Laws of motion. In Gaeilge we are focusing on the theme of Bia (Food). We will do some drama as Gaeilge also. We are starting a project relating to our English novel 'The Guns of Easter'. In Music we are focusing on the Musical 'Oliver Twist'. We enjoyed singing the theme song 'Consider Yourself' and sang 'Food Glorious Food'. 

Ms. O’Brien
In our class this month, we have been learning about the Aboriginals and explored their art, creating some Aboriginal inspired art pieces ourselves. These included depictions of animals, humans, portraits and simple symbols. We started ‘Dictionary Detective’ work and our daily nominated detectives have been bringing in and sharing lots of interesting vocabulary. Our detective word wall is growing! We finally finished our Guns Of Easter novel and thoroughly enjoyed it. In celebrating National Dairy Week, we are preparing our entries for the Moo Crew Dairy art competition. Look at www.moocrew.ie for more details!  We really enjoyed sports day especially the parachute and football stations. We researched famous people who we admire and wrote reports, some examples  chosen by the pupils were Einstein by Ben, Michael Jackson by Abbie, Nicolas Copernicus by Zuzanna and Stephen Hawkins by Danrio and Setanta to name but a few. Our reports are displayed on the corridor. In Science, we have been learning about air and we conducted an experiment using candles and glass to explore the reaction of fire and oxygen. It was great fun!
Miss A Horan
This month 6th class have been looking at various women who have made a big impact on the course of History or changed the world in some way. We looked at the life stories of famous female scientists, political leaders and astronauts. We also looked at how women have had to fight for equality. 
We are really enjoying our class novel  'Reaching the Heights'. The novel is set in the heart of Cork City.  We are finding the novel exciting and full of suspense. We love making predictions but the story line is anything but predictable. 
Ms. A. Carroll.
During the months of March and April, we have been studying The 1916 Rising. In history, we completed group projects on the following topics: Background to The 1916 Rising, Children of The Rising, Mná na nÉireann, The Proclamation, The Rising: Easter week 1916, 1916 Rising Locations, The History of The Irish Flag and Civil War in Ireland.
In Irish, we learned the song “Óró Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile”. In music, we learned the song Grace. We took part in group activities in drama and performed short sketches based on photographs from The 1916 Rising. 
Well done to the two Olympic Handball teams who have both progressed to the next stage .  All our hard work in training is paying off!!!
Dates to Remember:
School Closed: Monday 2nd May—Bank Holiday
School Closed: Tuesday 3rd May—School Holiday
School Closed: Wednesday 4th May—School Holiday
School Opens: Thursday 5th May at 8.50a.m. Sharp
Friday 6th  May:  Junior & Senior Infants School Tours
Sunday 8th May : First Holy Communion in St. Peter’s
Church at 11a.m.
School Closed: Monday 6th June—Bank Holiday
School Closed:  Tuesday 7th June—School Holiday
School re-opens: Wednesday 8th June at 8.50a.m. Sharp.
Friday 24th June:  Summer Holidays begin at 12 Noon
Quote of the Month
“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."
Maria Robinson 

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