January 2016 Newsletter


A word from the Principal…..

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Once again St. Peter’s Book Fair was a resounding success.  Over €4,000 was spent on purchasing books during the course of the week.  A massive “thank you” to all the parents, grandparents, guardians and minders who visited the book fair. “Minecraft”, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid, - Old School”, Tom Gates -”Top of the Class” and Spy Briefcase” proved big sellers  last week.  It never ceases  to amaze us the look of wonder and awe and great excitement on the children’s faces when the book fair arrives.  Isn’t it wonderful that in this day of gadgets & gizmos  that a book is still such a wonderful source of pleasure for our young readers.  Again, a heartfelt thank you to all teachers and  parents for participating so enthusiastically again this year.  We’ve already booked in for 2017!!!
Joan Quinn  -  Principal
This month our Junior Infants started “Power Hour” which consists of a letter formation station, phonics and reading station and a Maths station. The class are broken up into three groups for “Power Hour” and each station has been assigned a teacher to ensure the children are getting the most from each station as they are working in small groups. The children thoroughly enjoy the different activities at the three stations and are making great progress in each of the above areas. Each child in Junior Infants has now received their first Sunny Street reader called “Happy Birthday Molly” which they are reading at home each night with their parents. This reader is the first of three readers in the Junior Infants Sunny Street programme. In Art the children really enjoyed painting fruit bowls consisting of five fruits from the fruit and vegetables group. In Irish we covered the theme of “An Aimsir” and all the different weather types. Encourage your child at home to talk about the weather each day “as Gaeilge”. In English we read the story of “The Little Red Hen” and discussed the lesson to be learnt from the story, i.e. we discussed the importance of group effort and team work.  
Senior Infants news
We have been busy learning about the different types of food and how to stay healthy.  We listened to the stories such as Handa's Surprise and The Enormous Turnip which led to a discussion on the food pyramid and the importance of a balanced diet for healthier growth.  We discussed the reason for the food pyramid being shaped like a triangle we and now know what foods we need to eat more of and what foods we should eat sparingly.  We now know that food is important to keep us fit and healthy, to help us grow and food feeds our brains so we can learn in school! We really enjoyed learning about and tasting different types of foods.   
Ms. M. Flanagan
When we came back to school in early January we talked about our holidays and the presents that Santa brought us.  We learned all about the weather in Irish and now we are learning about clothes.  We learned a poem called "Splash" in English and did some Art to go with this poem.   We also did some lovely pictures of our native species for the Green School's Art Competition.   We have been doing lots of subtraction in Maths and have started learning about weight.  In Science we did an experiment to see what we could move with air by blowing through a straw.  We have been looking at maps in Geography and are practising giving directions.  We are now all "Seatbelt Sheriffs" and got a certificate and a badge.  We will make sure everyone is safe when travelling.
Ms. A. Quinn
2016 is already proving to be a busy and exciting month for teacher and students alike! At the start of the month we discussed "New Year's Resolutions" and ways in which to ensure that 2016 is as productive and enjoyable as possible!
English has been a particularly exciting subject this month. We started learning about a new genre of writing, debate writing. We have conducted some oral debates and are learning about the correct ways to structure arguments and statements. Next month we will continue on with this genre until eventually every child has produced their own piece of writing. Let's hope debates don't get too heated!!
As well as learning about debate writing we have also been learning to "infer" in relation to stories. To infer means that you can figure out information without being directly told. For example, if there was a witch who turned children into stone, we could infer that she was a nasty witch who did not like children. Nobody directly told us this but by reading the story carefully we can infer this.
In History we are really enjoying learning about the Titanic and we are starting a whole class project based on this topic. More about that next month..... :) 
Ms. S. Mulhall
This month we had worked very hard with our Maths. We have begun to learn our subtraction tables and we are making great progress. We have also worked hard with place value. We are currently reading a class novel called 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' by Roald Dahl. This is such an exciting book. We have based our drama lessons around the story creating freeze frames and interviewing the characters. We can't wait to see what happens next. 
We really enjoyed the recent book fair in the school. We bought lots of books to read at home while we also got some new books for our class library. Roald Dahl books were very popular with many of us having to order extra ones. 
We had great fun discussing the Green Schools Theme of Biodiversity this month, focusing on native Irish animals and habitats. We worked in groups to create a variety of habitat scenes and placed the animals and plants correctly. They turned out lovely and we have displayed them in our classroom. 
Ms. E Reilly
We are all settled back into school after a wonderful Christmas break. Ms. Reilly loved hearing all our stories from our holidays and we wrote all about them too. We have made a few resolutions each and we are doing our very best to stick to them! 
This month, some of us have started preparing for our First Confession. We have lots of prayers and songs to learn and we are doing a great job. We are looking forward to putting all our hard work to use on February 16th. Those of us who are not celebrating the sacrament are learning lots of wonderful facts in Ms. Moore’s class too...it's nice having two teachers ;) We have also been writing some very interesting and creative narrative stories which are on display in both our classroom and in the corridor for other classes to enjoy :) We have been taking part in a few debates also, which we are really enjoying...they're such fun!  In Maths, we are becoming very good shopkeepers and always try our best to give the correct change! 
Finally, in Art we made super cool 3D snowmen which are on display outside our room...we can't wait to show them to our families :)
Ms. S. Moore 
We welcomed the new year here in 2nd Class by making a couple of New Year's Resolutions. The children were very thoughtful with their resolutions. The pupils of 2nd Class enjoyed engaging in learning all about Biodiversity. They participated in a Biodiversity Art Competition, where they sketched a species from the Native Irish wildlife. First Confession preparation has began and we are learning prayers, songs and readings.  Last week was a very exciting week for the whole school, as the Book Fair came to us. Our class purchased several interesting books which are proving to be very enjoyable among the children.
Ms. S. Molloy
2016 has arrived and we have been busy so far. This month we are doing a history project on the Bronze Age, which occurred over 3,000 years ago! Did you know that bronze is a mixture of copper and tin? We are really enjoying working on our projects. In Geography we have been studying and school. In English this month we have been debating and sharing our opinions on a number of things, for example: Should children have to wear uniforms?; Are books more educational than television? We have had some lively debates! Our multiplication and division skills are improving all the time and we are now studying length. We are attempting to make our estimates more accurate by comparing objects based on length. Of course, we can’t forget to mention the highlight of our month – the Book Fair! We were delighted with the wonderful array of books and are thoroughly enjoying reading them! 
Ms. M. Beirne
This month third class have been learning about measurements in maths. They have been measuring the length of various objects in the classroom.  They have also been learning about graphs and data. They have conducted surveys on various topics and plotted the results in a bar chart. In Geography they have been finding out lots of interesting things about Spain such as its main geographical features, major cities, famous artists, national dishes and recreational activities. They have been practising their throwing and catching skills in tag rugby and in art they have started working on a mosaic of a scene from nature. In Science they have conducted an experiment on sound which helped to recreate the sound of a chicken in order to show how sounding boards work.
Ms. A. Ryan
During the month of January, 4th class have been busy learning all about the Renaissance. We studied how the Italian people in the 14th century took a renewed interest in the teachings and architecture of the Ancient Greek and Romans. The Renaissance began in Italy because it had become very wealthy and the wealthy were willing to spend their money supporting artists and geniuses. We studied the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Raphael who increasingly used realism in their paintings and sculptures. We discovered that Leonardo da Vinci drew the first sketches of man in flight using wings!  We listened to a piece of music called “The Aviary” by Saint-Saens and we responded to this using musical terms such as forte, piano, crescendo and decrescendo. We are busy preparing our hymns for the Confirmation and First  Confession.  
Mr. Ryan
This month in 5th class we are busy preparing for our Ceremony of Light and Confirmation ceremonies which take place in February. We are learning about the seven sacraments, baptismal promises and the meaning of Confirmation. In Irish we are focusing on the theme of weather (An Aimsir). We are preparing our own weather forecasts in groups. We drew sketches of famous cartoon characters in Art and created our own comic strips based on these characters. We also completed an in-school Art competition based on native Irish plants and animals. We completed a basic archaeological dig in groups as part of a history lesson and learned about how archaeologists work. We used archaeological tools like trowels, fine brushes and an auger (which is like a cork screw). In English we looked at two poems 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening' by Robert Frost and 'White Fields' by James Stevens. We looked at how the two poems were different and similar to each other. We carried out a brief study of the Irish Famine in history. 
Ms. M. O’Brien
In Miss O’ Brien’s fifth class we have been busy preparing for the Ceremony of Light and Confirmation taking place next month. In SESE, we have been learning all about rivers and lakes in Ireland and we have been learning about wind. We have carried out wind observations using an anemometer and have learned about the Beaufort scale which we used to record our wind observations. In History, we have learned about the Reformation and Martin Luther, we found it really interesting!  In Irish, we have been learning all about the weather and have learned a new poem called ‘An Aimsir’. In Art we took part in the Bio-Diversity art competition, organised by Ms. Horan, drawing lots of animals native to Ireland. 
Miss A Horan
This month 6th class were learning all about the Chinese New Year. We have a girl in our class whose Mom is Chinese so she was really knowledgeable on the whole topic. The Chinese New Year begins on the 8th of February and this year is the year of the monkey. We made beautiful lanterns to hang in our classroom. We used red card and a sparkly, gold material from a dress that Miss A Horan was throwing out.
In Maths we learned how to convert foreign currency to euro and euro to foreign currency. We looked at different time zones around the world and Miss A Horan showed the class a cool new app that she uses when she wants to ring her best friend who lives in Canada. We will have no problem now any time we go abroad!!
Ms. A. Carroll
We are very busy this month preparing for our Confirmation.  The Ceremony of Light will take place on 4th February and the Confirmation Ceremony will take place on 11th February.  We are preparing by exploring and studying The Ten Commandments, The Beatitudes, The Fruits of The Holy Spirit and The Gifts of The Holy Spirit.  We are also putting the finishing touches on our Confirmation booklets..
This month in music, art and drama, we are exploring Slapstick Comedy.  We looked at the work of Charlie Chaplin and Hanna and Barbera's Tom and Jerry and gained inspiration from their work.  We listened to the type of music that accompanies slapstick comedy.  We created comic strips that would suit this type of music.  In drama, we are working in groups to put together a slapstick comedy sketch which will be performed for the rest of the class and recorded in a traditional black and white format.
Dates to Remember:
Thursday 4th February 2016:  Ceremony of Light  in St. Peter’s Church at 7p.m.
Thursday 11th February 2016: Confirmation in St. Peter’s Church  at 11a.m.
Tuesday 16th February 2016: First Penance in St. Peter’s Church at 6.30p.m.
Mid-Term Break:  Thursday 18th and Friday 19th February.
School re-opens on Monday 22nd February at 8.50a.m. Sharp.
Easter Holidays: School will close on Wednesday 16th March 2016 at 12 noon for Easter Holidays.
School will re-open on Monday April 4th at 8.50a.m. SHARP.
Quote of the Month
“Always do your best.
What you plant now, you will harvest later”.
Og Mandina

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