June newsletter
A word from the Principal…..
Once again we’ve come to the end of another wonderful year in St. Peter’s….and what a year it has been!  We had our sponsored  walk to many destinations, Confirmation and Holy Communion, our violin and orchestra lessons with Ciara, great success at the Wesley Feis and getting to the Leinster Final in Olympic Handball.  We had “Maths for Fun”, Science for Fun” and Parents’ classes.  And...while all these events were going on pupils and teachers were beavering away in the classrooms doing their Gaeilge, English, Maths (not forgetting the tables and spellings!!) and SESE subjects.  And… then the highlights...our fantastic intercultural day on Friday last! A massive “thank you” to all the teachers, ancillary staff, pupils and you, the parents, for all your co-operation and good humour throughout the year.  Have a wonderful, relaxing summer and looking forward to seeing you all on  August 30th D.V.
Joan Quinn
Junior Infants News
On Friday 14th June we had our intercultural afternoon, where we learned all about Brazil, Italy  and France. We tasted lots of different food from those countries.  We also learned about the cultures in our own classrooms.  Thank you very much to everyone who came and brought food.  A great time was had by all!
Senior Infants News
This month, we have been very busy getting ready for the summer ahead. We released our butterflies from their garden and watched them as they flew away. Their wings had beautiful colours of orange, brown, yellow, blue and red. We fed them some oranges before they left on their long journey to make sure that they weren’t hungry. It was a lovely experience to watch the transformation from caterpillars into butterflies. Intercultural day also took place this month, where each class learned about different countries. Senior infants looked at China, Romania and Germany.  Everybody brought in some food from their country and described what it was in the classroom. We also dressed up in some lovely outfits that showed our country’s style. All of the children’s parents then came in to observe all of our hard work on all the nationalities. We sang songs, read poems and danced for all the Mams and Dads . We could even count to ten in 10 different languages. We completed some lovely Summer art that we’re going to bring home. We wish everyone a very happy, healthy and safe summer and look forward to moving on to 1st class in September .
Ms. M. Flanagan
This month in Ms. Flanagan's 1st class we did a Maths Trail that involved our own classroom, the yard and the P.E. hall.  We had fun finding out all the answers with our partners.  Our parents came in to see us playing the violin and we played very well!  We also had Intercultural Day on the 17th of June.  We did projects on the different countries and nationalities in our class.  It was interesting doing the research and working on our projects.  We sampled some food from different countries and we saw traditional Indian dress, an Indian dance, a Latvian dance and we heard songs and poems from different countries.  We also learned how to say "Hello" in the different languages!  We then presented our projects to our parents and we had great fun!  Thank you to all the parents who came in for such an enjoyable day and also to the parents who sent in food for us.  We are now looking forward to the Summer Holidays after a year of hard work!
Ms. A. Quinn
We cannot believe that the year has come to an end already! (Time flies when you’re having fun!). We have so many fond memories to take away from the year and some new classmates and friends to boot! From song-singing to drama to art we have had such a happy and creative year! Not only this but we developed our skills as scientists, mathematicians and writers also. June was, no doubt, a busy and exciting month and a great way to end a great year! We became myrmecologists as we studied in depth the life of ants. We developed a new found respect for these incredibly hard-working creatures and vowed to approach our school work with the same work ethic!  Procedural writing was no doubt one of our favourite genres of writing this year and everybody really enjoyed tasting our fresh, "School made Lemonade".  The maths trail was another highlight for us! It was such fun to put our skills to practical use in a fun tour around the school. The intercultural day was a great success and I would like to thank students and parents alike for all their contributions to such an enjoyable day.  Each one of you should be so proud of the hard work, enthusiasm and kindness you have displayed throughout the year.  “Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together make this world a beautiful garden".
Ms. S. Mulhall
June has been a very busy month in our classroom. We have been doing lots of revision in all subject areas preparing for the end of first class. We have learned a lot of new things. We are all looking forward to second class. 
We had great fun preparing project work and learning all about the various countries and cultures within our class for intercultural day. We loved every minute and found out lots of new and interesting facts. It was a great day.
Our parents were also invited to our school for our final first class violin performance and we were very proud of ourselves. 
It has been a great year in first class.
Ms. E Reilly
As we are coming to a close here in Ms.Reilly's second class we are reflecting on all the wonderful things which have happened throughout the year...we really have had many experiences and have had great fun along the way. 
A few of our favourite moments have been:
Our first day getting to meet our new classmates, our school tour to the Crystal Maze, our Sports’ Day, our Sponsored Walk to Phoenix Park, Our First Holy Communion, having butterflies in our class and watching them fly free, our art classes and most recently our Intercultural Day which was awesome :)
We each did a project and a presentation on our country. We worked very well together as a team and created lovely work. We really enjoyed the day, sampling all the foods from different countries and learning lots of new facts about different countries. Our parents really enjoyed it too and we gave them a big concert of all our favourite songs and dances from throughout the year. 
We are busy finishing up our work now and we are looking forward to a long summer filled with fun and sunshine...hopefully :) Enjoy it everyone and see you all on August 30th!
Ms. S. Moore 
We had a very fun-filled and energetic month of June here in 2nd Class! We became fantastic sculptors within our class by creating sculptures from clay and then decorating them with paint. The pupils also enjoyed making their own play-doh from scratch, by following a recipe. We were great scientists, investigating the effect of melting and freezing on different foods and liquids. On Friday last  we celebrated Intercultural Day. The children presented wonderful facts about their own countries and brought in a delicious display of food, which we all got the chance to sample. I would like to congratulate the children on their fantastic work for Intercultural day and also a big “Thank you” to all the parents. Thank you all for coming last Friday, I'm sure you all enjoyed your day. On Monday last, the children performed their orchestra piece for their parents and relatives. A big “Thank you” to Ciara for all her hard work.  Each child has improved so much with their violin this year. On behalf of myself and 2nd Class, we would like to wish everyone a great summer holiday and we hope to see everyone back in one piece in September. 

Ms. S. Molloy
The Mysterious Knock.
by Ms. Molloy's 3rd Class
Someone came knocking
On my window last night,
I woke with a start,
It was such a big fright.
 I went to the window,
To listen and look,
I was so nervous
That my hands shook.
The neighbour's dog barking
Was the first thing I heard;
And the sweet, little chirping
Of a tiny baby bird.
The meow of the cat,
From the house down the street,
Who was scavenging
For something tasty to eat
There were no clues,
I saw only a ball.
Who had been knocking?
I don't know at all.
Ms. M. Beirne
Third class have been doing a lot of revision this month for their summer tests. They also went on their school tour to Rathbeggan Lakes where they got a chance to try absailing, wall climbing, ziplining and lots of other activities. They also got a chance to travel back in time and experience what life might have been like for our ancestors in the Stone Age. They went inside a crannóg, wore animal skins and re-enacted a pagan sacrifice. They have also been preparing for Intercultural Day by learning about lots of different countries and cultures. They learned the Haka from Maori culture in New Zealand and made masks during Art which they wore while performing it. 
Ms. A. Ryan
During the month of June, we were busy preparing for Multicultural Day. We used our IPads to research various countries, including India, Mauritius, The Philippines, China, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Russia!  We learned lots of fun facts about these countries, including the fact that Russia is bigger in size than Pluto and Latvia displayed the world’s first Christmas tree! We presented all of our colourful projects to the parents who came in to the school to inspect them! We really enjoyed the day! In History we studied the conclusion of World War 2, including the attack of Pearl Harbour and the entry of the U.S.A. into the war, D-Day and the eventual surrender of the Nazi Party. As part of our study of Biodiversity, we visited Broadstone Park and learned all about various birds and plants! We had a very enjoyable month and are looking forward to our summer holidays!

Mr. Ryan
5th class have been busy during the month of June. We have been revising all our Maths topics covered since the start of the year. We looked at algebra and how to solve maths equations (looking for the value of a, b, x or y). In English and Gaeilge we were revising all of the grammar and vocabulary we have learned throughout the year for our summer tests. We briefly studied Europe in Geography and looked at the EU. We worked on and produced projects for the Intercultural Day. We studied Romania, Georgia, Brazil and The Philippines. Some of our parents came in and we sang lots of songs as Gaeilge for them as well as “Consider Yourself “ from Oliver. We learned the basic skills of Gaelic Football in PE. Well done to the four boys from our class who played in the Leinster Olympic Handball finals on Tuesday, 14th of June. 
Ms. O’Brien
This term we’ve been learning a lot about Africa for our intercultural day. We learned a song by Shakira called “Waka Waka” and created dances to the song. We all did projects on different countries in Africa. On intercultural day we preformed an African dance in front of the parents who came to watch us. We showed and read out our projects to the parents who came in. Tomas brought in Russian dumplings. Greatness brought in Nigerian puff puff and Zuzanna brought in some Polish sugary cheese cake, sausages and cheese.  We all had a wonderful time.
Miss A Horan
6th class have been very busy this month preparing for our Graduation Mass. We collected  up old photographs from all our years in primary school. There were many tears from 6th class when they saw all these beautiful memories displayed in the hall. Ashwin made a beautiful video slideshow of all the fun activities we did this year.  He included very appropriate background music, using the song 'Time of our Lives'.  We also prepared for our multicultural day. We chose to research 'the Philippines' and 'Romania' because we have many children in our class whose parents are from these countries. We brought in a selection of foods from various countries on Friday. Many of our pupils dressed up for the day. Rhona's mother came to visit our classroom and played some Irish tunes on the violin. Daniel brought his two sisters in and they did some native African dancing. Everyone was very impressed!
Ms. A. Carroll.
This month in science, we have been studying gravity and forces.  We conducted a number of experiments based on forces, one of which was called 'The Egg Trick'.  In this experiment 2 eggs are balanced on top of tubes which are then placed on top of a whiteboard over 2 cups of water,  The idea is that the whiteboard is hit with a lot of force and, if done correctly, the eggs drop into the water, demonstrating force, gravity and upthurst.  There may have been one or two accidents with the eggs!!  We also carried out an experiment in the yard to demonstrate centripetal force which involved a bucket, some string and water.  Again, there may have been one or two accidents with the water!! 
On Tuesday 21st June, the two 6th classes graduated from St. Peter's.  We had a lovely celebration in the church with Fr. Scallon, followed by refreshments and a beautiful cake in the school hall.  The hall was decorated with past and present photographs of the two sixth classes which everyone enjoyed viewing.  Thank you very much from the two sixth classes to Mrs. Quinn, Barbara, Ms. H. Horan, Ms. Ryan and her wonderful choir, Derek and Glanmore Foods for all their work in helping to make the graduation such a success.  Congratulations to the two sixth classes, everyone in St. Peter's wishes you the very best of luck in the future.  
On the 14th of June the Olympic Handballers were playing in the Leinster finals ( as Dublin champions). They performed very well and defeated Skyrne (Co. Meath) in the semi -final. They faced St Paul's, Ratoath (Meath) in the final. It was a very close final in the end and the boys just lost out but received Leinster silver. It has been a very successful season for both the boys and girls this year. Well done to all players and their coaches Ms Carroll and Mr. Ryan .
Well done also to our Santry athletes who received a gold  and a few silver and bronze medals.  Thanks to Misses A. & H. Horan and Ms. S. Moore.
Dates to Remember:
June 24th: School will close at 12noon for summer holidays.
Tuesday August 30th: School will re-open at 8.50a.m,. SHARP

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