May Newsletter
A word from the Principal…..
Fresh from our school orchestra’s first place in the Wesley Feis last month, our Olympic Hardball teams have done brilliantly in the Dublin Finals on Friday, May 13th (very lucky for some!!!)  While the girls did very well in their third place play-off against Rush N.S., the boys defeated St. Attracta’s N.S., Meadowbrook to reach the final and then the excitement started!!!  After some outstanding handball St. Peter’s and Rush were “all square” at the end of normal time.  In extra time St. Peter’s Boys’ were “the hungrier!” and their desire to win was strong enough to score the winning goal in the last minute!  The boys were finally DUBLIN CHAMPIONS and they will go on to the Leinster Finals in June.  Congratulations and thank you to Mr. Ryan and Ms. Carroll for their coaching dedication.  On May 8th the Boys and Girls from our second classes received First Holy Communion.  It was a very special day in the children’s lives and a big “thank you” to Ms. Moore, Ms. Reilly, Ms, Ryan and the 4th class choir and Mr. Ryan for all the hard work in preparation for this lovely sacrament.   Well done to all our Santry athletes also  and “thank you” to Ms. H. Horan and Ms A. Horan for all the hard work in preparation for the event.
Joan Quinn
We’ve been very busy in Junior Infants this month creating our May altar and learning about signs of summer.  We saw the lifecycle of the butterfly in action for ourselves. We observed the beautiful small tortoiseshell butterflies coming out from their cocoons. In relation to the Green Schools Project based on biodiversity we are learning about the song thrush and the rowan tree. We’ve learned all about 1c, 2c and 5c coins. The next time you go shopping feel free to let your child count the change. 
Finally, all our Junior Infants had a wonderful fun-filled day on their school tour in PJ's playcentre in Balbriggan. Each child engaged in a lot of activities, including exploring the adventure centre, a disco and each child designed their own personal cup. We all have this cup as a souvenir to remember our wonderful school tour in Junior Infants. 
This month in Senior Infants has been a busy one!
We received some skinny creepy crawling caterpillars in a ready made habitat! We watched them avidly as they got fatter and fatter and then they spun their chrysalides. Soon they will hatch into beautiful butterflies! We've been studying all about life cycles in Science to complement our wonderful resource and we know lots of new scientific words- metamorphosis is our favourite!
We have also learned a song about a caterpillar and we have been making some lovely butterfly and summer-themed arts  and crafts.

Ms. M. Flanagan
This month in Ms. Flanagan's 1st class we learned lots more about the farm.  We enjoyed a great school tour to Causey Farm.  We saw lots of animals and we fed grass to the horses.  Patch rounded up the sheep for us.  We did an obstacle course, a hay maze and a mirror maze; that was hard!  We had great fun in the bog!  In Art we made spaceships and in History we learned about Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space.  We learned all about electricity in Science.  We used balloons to learn about static electricity.  We also found out that light travels in straight lines and then we did silhouettes in Art.  We learned all about the life cycle of the butterfly and we watched our caterpillars transform into butterflies in our butterfly garden.  We then released them out into the world!  
Ms. A. Quinn
In preparation for our school tour to Causey farm we learned more about working farms and farm safety. Dangers such as slurry tanks, farmyard animals and machinery were discussed.
Our school tour was a great success, we even had the weather on our side! Highlights included holding puppies, feeding horses, playing in obstacle courses. One of the standout experiences for many of the children was getting to play in the bog. Luckily everybody had a change of clothes!! :)
In maths we have been extremely busy revising all topics and trying out some harder problems! Sometimes a sum may seem impossible but when you break it up into little parts it's very manageable!  With the lovely weather it was nice to learn about "An Trá" ( The Beach) in Irish, even if it did make us a little bit jealous!   At the end of the month we released Cookie, Rockstar, Alexia, Smartie and Crystal our class butterflies. It was truly fascinating to watch them develop and have the chance to track the butterfly cycle with our own eyes.
Ms. S. Mulhall
May has been a very busy month for our class. We visited Causey Farm in Co. Meath for our school tour. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the farm animals and the bog experience was the highlight of the tour for us. We got very muddy but the weather was beautiful and it made the day very enjoyable.
Over the last couple of weeks, we have watched the five caterpillars in our class turn into chrysalides. Last week all five shed their skins and beautiful coloured butterflies emerged. 
It was amazing to watch this in our very own classroom. When all five butterflies were ready we released them into the school flower bed. It was very exciting. 
We have been learning all about the solar system in our class. We have discovered many interesting facts about the planets surrounding us. We really enjoyed learning the 'Solar Song’. We even created coloured rocket ships to go with it during art class.
Ms. E Reilly
We’ve had a great month. Some of our classmates made their First Holy Communion, on Sunday, May 8th. It was a truly wonderful day. The children were on their best behaviour, and looked great in their communion outfits. We would like to thank Ms.Ryan, Mr.Ryan, Mrs Quinn and the fourth class choir for their lovely singing and music on the made the day even more special. Another exciting event this month was our trip to the Crystal Maze on May 20th. It was a long journey but worth it. We loved all the challenges, mazes and skill tests and our boys’ team won the trophy for collecting the most crystals.  Ms.Reilly was really proud of us.  This month we have seen the lifecycle of the butterfly with our own eyes!!!! It has been amazing to witness. Ms.H.Horan got some caterpillars for junior infants to second class...we are so thankful to her as we have really enjoyed watching the caterpillars grow big and fat, forming their cocoons and hatching as beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. We let our five butterflies take their first flight in our school yard :)
Ms. S. Moore 
We had a very busy and exciting month of May in 2nd class! On Sunday May 8th some children celebrated their First Holy Communion. This was a very exciting day for the children and their families, and the good weather made it most enjoyable also! Over the past three weeks, our class have been observing the real-life lifecycle of the butterfly. We watched how the caterpillars formed their cocoons and a few days later, transformed into butterflies. Our butterflies were very healthy feasting on bananas and grew very strong wings. Later we set our butterflies free in the school yard. We watched as the five of them flew around the flowerbed. On 20th May, we had our school tour to Crystal Maze. We had a most enjoyable and adventurous day completing challenges with our teammates and collecting crystals. We would like to congratulate Ms Reilly's class on winning the Crystal Maze trophy.  We'll start preparing for next year!
Ms. S. Molloy
Another busy month in 3rd class. We have been focusing on Explanation writing. We explained how the Earth rotates on its axis every 24 hours. When we are facing the sun, we have day time and when we face away from the sun it is night. We also learned about the planets in the solar system and even watched some footage from the first moon landing. "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." We read a great story about a robot teacher called "Metalmiss" and we were debating the pros and cons of having a robot for a teacher! At home, the students are designing and building their own robots from recycled materials. We look forward to seeing their creations!  We enjoyed writing  a lovely  poem  called “The Mysterious Knock” using Walter De la Mare’s “Someone” as our inspiration.
Ms. M. Beirne
In May third class started work on their explanation writing as part of the First Steps programme. In Maths we have been learning about chance. We have been using dice and different coloured counters to engage in and create activities where outcomes are certain, impossible, likely, unlikely or have an even chance. We have also been doing a lot of revision of fractions, weight, shapes and number problems.  In science we have been learning about the three states of matter- solid, liquid and gas- in the form of a rap.  In art we have been working with paint, mixing primary colours in order to create secondary colours, orange (red +yellow), green (blue + yellow) and purple (blue + red). We have also been learning about the Solar System.  We have been working on our spellings through a Spelling Bee competition where the winners of each mini group compete with each other in the grand final.
Ms. A. Ryan
During the month of May, in History, we have focused our attention on World War 2. We learned all about a young girl called Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who had to go into hiding to avoid the Nazis. Together with seven others she hid in the secret annex on the Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam. We read extracts from her diary which we found interesting but terribly sad. In Science, we learned more about our Solar System. We learned that the Solar System contains the Inner Solar System which consists of Mercury, Venus, Earth and not forgetting Mars. These are closest to the sun and are called the terrestrial planets simply because the have very solid rocky surfaces. The Outer Solar System has Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These are sometimes called the gas giants. We sang and played the tin whistle at the First Holy Communion in the church  and really enjoyed the day. 

Mr. Ryan
Our class revised all of the Maths topics we covered over the course of the year. We have recently been focusing on topics like increasing and decreasing by certain percentages, finding VAT (value added tax) and finding discounts on products. This will prove useful when we go shopping in the future. We finished our novel 'The Guns of Easter' and we wrote acrostic poems, letters and diary entries (Mr. Ryan covered our letters in tea bags to make them look like original letters/diary entries from 1916).    In History we focused on the life and times of Daniel O' Connell. We conducted surveys based on the Census 2016 and compiled a project based on it. Science and Geography were very interesting this month We studied electricity. We discussed how electricity is created in power stations and transferred to our homes. We looked at BER ratings and focused on creating electrical circuits. We are learned about many different artists in music including Vivaldi and Puccini and we listened to the famous tenor Andrea Bocelli singing "Nessum Dorma". We learned a variety of songs including “Hey Jude”, “Price Tag” and some traditional songs like “The Rare Auld Times”.
Ms. O’Brien
This month we have been learning some new songs in Irish such as “Mo Ghile Mear” and Jason Mraz “I’m Your’s” as Gaeilge. These were fun to sing. We have been learning all about famous voyages in History and explored the voyage of Magellan, mapping his journey in Geography. In Science this month, we have been learning about Rocks and Fossils. We explored rocks in Ireland and discovered how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed.  Carl and Zuzanna brought in some interesting fossils from home and Zuzanna shared a very interesting book with the class. We have been dramatising scenes from the drama 'Oliver' and have enjoyed the diverse range of characters in the story. We have enjoyed learning some songs such as 'Consider Yourself' and 'You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two!'. 

Miss A Horan
This month our class have been working hard on our projects on the Olympics. We entered an art competition called 'From Santry to Rio'. We had to show in poster form how all athletes have to start somewhere and how some children competing in Santry sports can go on to become world class athletes. We are researching all about Rio in Brazil, the location of the 2016 Olympics.As well as that we are looking at the History of the Olympic Games and how the competition has changed over the years. When August comes we will all be glued to our TVs watching the action. We can't wait! 
Ms. A. Carroll.
In English this month, we have been exploring some poetry techniques; personification, metaphors, etc. We worked in groups to create examples of each technique.  We then examined the song 'Firework' by Katy Perry and worked in pairs to identify the poetry techniques and figurative language used in the song.. In Art, we are working on 'Stop Motion' movies.  Stop Motion is an animation technique to make a physical object appear to move on its own.  The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames.  In groups we created a plan in frames for the movie.  We then created various backgrounds and we created characters using plasticine.  We then set up the first scene and took a picture, we moved the characters and took another picture etc.   We then used 'Movie Maker' to put the frames together to create the movie.
Dates to Remember:
June 6th: Bank Holiday—school closed
June 7th: School Holiday—school closed
June 8th: school re-opens at 8.50a.m. SHARP
June 24th: School will close at 12noon for summer holidays.
Tuesday August 30th: School will re-open at 8.50a.m,. SHARP
Our 4th Class quoted Martin Luther King during the week:
“Don’t Wish for it, Work for it”!


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