St. Peter’s National School Newsletter-January 2015

Enrolment 2015/2016
Enrolment of Junior Infants for 2015/2016 is currently being finalised. If any of the current pupils have younger siblings who will be FOUR YEARS OLD before July 2015 their parents need to enrol them now please as we have a waiting list. If you have enrolled them already you will have received a letter and there is no need to re-apply.
The Book Fair visited St. Peter’s from 19th January – 23rd January and was a huge success as well as being great value for money this year. There was a huge variety of books to choose from, all at HALF PRICE!! Thanks to all the children and parents who purchased lots of lovely books. The school also received lots of books for the classrooms based on the amount purchased. The school libraries are now well stocked with some fantastic books that will keep us all busy reading until summer! 
Power Hour has restarted and is taking place in Ms. Ryan’s 3rd class and in the three 1st Classes. They are all concentrating on Literacy this term. During their hour they are reading lots of books as well as working on comprehension strategies and phonological awareness, grammar, and the First Steps writing process. All the classes involved are really enjoying themselves. 
Parkside Primary Schools’ Cross-Country Races 2015
Cross-country running training has begun for the annual primary Schools races which will be held on Wednesday March 4th at 11:30 a.m. in John Paul Park (Bogies) Cabra. Juniors have training on Mondays after school in Mount Bernard Park while seniors train on Wednesdays. Teams of ten pupils in each age group will be chosen from these groups to represent the school at this event. Best of luck to all involved!
Green-School Travel
We are all working hard on the Green-Schools Travel theme in an effort to attain a fourth Green Flag for the school. Over the past seven years we have earned flags for the Litter and Waste theme, Energy Conservation and Water conservation. We have seen a significant increase in the numbers of pupils walking and cycling to school since we embarked on the travel theme almost two years ago and continue to encourage pupils and parents to walk, cycle, park and stride, carpool and use public transport to reduce car-dependency.  We hope that this will result in developing life-long healthier travel habits for everyone and help us to earn our Travel Green Flag!
Many pupils in the school came up with rhymes and ideas for our newly-composed Travel Green Code. We hope that it will motivate everybody to get up and go on cold rainy mornings!
Junior Infants News:
This month we received our first Sunny Street reader which is called ‘Happy Birthday, Molly’. Our next one will be ‘Yummy’. Everyone in Junior Infants loves reading and really enjoyed buying books from the book fair that visited our school last week. All the book worms are very busy reading their new readers and books from the book fair!! We also read the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ this month as we are learning all about food and the different types of food we have. We then painted fruit baskets and made lots of different fruits to put inside Handa’s basket. It was lots of fun!
Senior Infants News: 
This month we have been learning lots about winter weather. We discovered all the different types of weather and learned poems about it. We also learned all about the water cycle. After Christmas we were talking about what Santa brought us. We were very good and got lots of toys. We read a story about a toymaker long ago and how he used to make the toys. We are really enjoying our shared reading and this month we were very lucky to have a half price book fair in our school. We will be very busy reading at home now! In maths we learned all about the story of 8. We enjoy solving simple story problems. We are also learning about more than and less than. We have nearly got the hang of those problems too!
Ms. Donald’s News:
This month we studied Picasso, the cubist artist. We learned about his life as an artist and how he likes to change shapes and colours. He was famous for his faces so we drew our own ‘Picasso’ faces showing both the profile and the full face in the same picture. 
Ms. Horan’s News:
In our class this month we learned all about food. In Irish we played ‘Bia Bingó’ and performed a role play ‘Sa Bhialann’. We learned lots of poems about food and discussed healthy and unhealthy foods. We played a game where we had to name as many fruits and vegetables that we could think of. We had to listen carefully to make sure we didn’t repeat any! It was fun and we are looking forward to trying out the ones we have never tasted before! 
Ms. Hughes’ News:
We read all about Pablo Picasso and learned about his growing up in Spain and how he grew and developed as an artist. We learned about the cubism movement and we drew our cubism inspired portraits. We used lots of bright colours just like Picasso. Our faces looked funny with the eyes and ears in silly places!
Ms. G. Flanagan’s News
This month the First Communion children have been busy preparing for their First Confession on the 12th of February. They are learning their prayers every night and singing their hymns in school. The rest of the class are learning a poem called ‘Michael Met a White Duck’. We also did a project on India and we learned lots of interesting facts. Did you know that the game of chess was invented in India! Or, that the national bird is the peacock! In English we learned lots of compound words and we are finding new ones every day both at home and in school!
Ms. O’ Flynn’s News:
This month we have been working hard in groups. We have learnt all about Paris. Each group had to research a Parisian landmark and present their project to the rest of the class. We also learned about popular French food and some useful phrases like ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Au Revoir’. We have also been busy preparing for First Reconciliation this month. We are learning our ‘Act of Sorrow’ and ‘Prayers for Forgiveness’.  The Emperor Penguin was also an interesting topic we have learned about this month. We learnt that Emperor Penguins are the largest, tallest and heaviest of all the 17 species of penguin in the world. We also learned how the female lays the egg but then gives it to the male to keep warm for 4 months while she goes in search of food. 
Ms. Ryan’s News: 
During the month of January we studied farming through the ages and how it has evolved. We were also busy learning all about the Normans in Ireland and their way of life. We examined a model Norman castle, including a keep and a moat which enabled us to see how the Normans defended themselves. We plotted bar graphs of our favourite colours in Maths and in Irish we conducted role plays in a restaurant using vocabulary we learned on the theme of food. 
Ms. O’Reilly’s News:
This month we learned about the different types of climates around the world. We are currently working on projects and we will present these on a slide show. We made beautiful chalk pictures of the Northern Lights in the Arctic region! We learned all about TV and our favourite programmes in Gaeilge. In Maths we were learning about how to count our money and work out the correct change! We really enjoyed the book fair and are looking forward to reading our new books. 
Ms. McCann’s News:
We were learning how to do a simple sewing stitch this month. We made hand puppets by sewing two pieces of felt together. Now we have to add the eyes, nose and mouth! In Maths we are covering the topics of decimals and money. We are busy counting up amounts of money and working out the correct change. 
Ms. Mulhall’s News:
We are currently working on a class project all about Italy. We have been researching Ancient Rome, Pompeii, Italian food and much more. It’s been great fun working in pairs and using the laptops. Our art work was also inspired; we have created beautiful mosaic designs. We also tried paper weaving and it was very enjoyable. We made lovely coloured place mats and with St. Brigid’s day approaching we may even be able to weave some rushes soon!
Ms. Beirne’s News:
We have been covering a lot of work on decimals and percentages and we can now calculate all the reductions in the January sales! In English, we were working on our First Steps exposition writing where we wrote on many interesting topics and debates. In Geography, we started working on a mini-project on the E.U. where in pairs we had to carry out research on a different member state. In art, as part of the Green School’s Travel and Transport theme, we have been working on drawing out maps which depict our journey to school. 
Ms. Carroll’s News: 
In art we have been working on ‘Sewn pictures’. We used hessian and drew a picture on it using white chalk. We then sewed the picture using various colours of embroidery thread. In music, we are working on singing and putting music to ‘The Land of the Bumbley Boo’ by Spike Milligan. We are working in groups and can choose any music genre to sing it. 
Ms. Coyle’s News: 
This month we were learning about the lives of Native Americans and a number of their different tribes. They lived in houses known as teepees. Following this, we constructed teepees in art. In science we looked at the topic of heat. We carried out a number of experiments. We found that metal is a better conductor of heat compared with wood or plastic. We also discovered that it is better to wear light coloured clothes on a warm sunny day as dark colours attract the heat. 
Dates for your Diary:
16th – 20th February inclusive      Mid-term break     School closed
16th March                                  School Holiday      School closed
17th March                                  Public Holiday        School closed
27th March                                 Easter Holidays     School closes 12 noon
13th April                                   School Re-opens     8.50a.m. sharp
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