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This month in Senior Infants we have been busy celebrating Science Week. We conducted lots of experiments in our classes and, just like real scientists, we recorded our results, and even drew diagrams!

One of the experiments we really enjoyed was to show that fire needs oxygen to burn. We did this by lighting a candle and placing a glass over it. Once the flame had used up all the air within the glass, the fire died; even though no one had blown it out! This proved that fire needs O2 to burn. We even know the chemical symbol for Oxygen!
Another experiment we had fun with was proving that friction creates static electricity. First we explored what the word friction meant by rubbing two wooden pencils together - the pencils would get hot! Then we talked about charging things with electricity- like our phones and ipads. We discovered we could even charge a balloon! By rubbing a balloon against our hair we would transfer the electrons from our hair onto the rubber balloon. What happened next was that our hair would stand up on end! It was so much fun!! We even thought we could hear the balloon saying "Oh I like your electrons!"    Even though some of our experiments seemed like magic we all know it is really Science, and that science is all around us, all the time! 
Ms. Ryan’s
During the month of November, 4th class have been busy learning all about Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf. We learned why he became known as “The Emperor of the Irish” as he was the first king who could be said to rule the entire island of Ireland. We completed our projects on Ireland in pairs and based our projects on such topics as the Vikings in Ireland and the 1916 Rising. In Science we studied Reptiles and Amphibians and learned that one of the smallest snakes in the world is called the Blind Thread Snake which could slither through the centre of a pencil if the lead was removed!!  We are busy learning our hymns for the Confirmation also. 
Mr. Ryan’s
This month in 5th class we engaged in a number of experiments as part of Science Week. We learned that the greater the amount of liquid in a glass, the lower the vibrations will be and the lower the pitch will be. We examined an electrical switch and witnessed how gravity works by swinging a cup half filled with water in circles. We have been focusing on Italy and the Ancient Romans this month. We learned about famous Roman buildings, the Geography of Italy and what the Italians are famous for. In music we learned the poem “I See His Blood Upon the Rose” by Joseph Mary Plunkett (one of the seven men who signed the 1916 Irish declaration of independence). We also sang the song ‘Grace’. It was written for Joseph Plunkett’s wife and it tells us that Joseph is about to be executed for the part he played in the Rising. In Maths we worked very hard to try and understand the topic of Long Division (which we found difficult at first) but as they say ‘Practice Makes Perfect’. We are also carrying out a drama as Gaeilge (Turas go dtí an phictiúrlann)-A Trip to the cinema)
Ms. A. Horan  
6th class learned all about the Aztec people this month. They settled in Mexico 700 years ago and had many strange and wonderful beliefs. They were fierce warriors and worshipped many Gods. They carried out human sacrifices to honour these Gods as they believed that the sun died at night and needed human blood to rise again! Life was tough for Aztec children. If parents didn't have enough to eat they sold their children as slaves at the market. Aztec parents wanted their children to be tall so they held special days for pulling their necks. OUCH!! We are glad we weren't around in Aztec times!!!
Ms. A. Carroll
For science week, 6th class took part in a number of science experiments.  We explored 'Makey Makey' which is an electronic invention tool which consists of a circuit board, alligator clips and a USB cable.  Using the Makey Makey, you can connect everyday objects to computer programs.  We used a keyboard program and when Ms. Carroll gave some of the students a high five, a note could be heard.  We also connected the Makey Makey to some bananas and we 'played the bananas'.  We then played Tetris, using the bananas as the controls.
We made sherbet by mixing icing sugar, sodium bicarbonate and citric acid.  When the ingredients mix with saliva, carbon dioxide is released.  We then made toothpaste to clean our teeth after eating all that sugar!  We mixed salt, sodium bicarbonate, glycerine and peppermint oil.  We also made a lava lamp by pouring oil over water in a bottle and then carefully pouring some food colouring into the bottle.  Finally, we added some effervescent tablets which released bubbles of carbon dioxide forcing bubbles of food colouring up through the bottle. 
Ms G Flanagan
This month in 2nd class we have been working very hard learning about the hundred square in Maths and we have learned some quick tricks for adding on and taking away ' tens' using the hundred square. 
We also have been busy learning about the different meanings of the words 'there', 'their' and 'they're'. These are tricky words to get used to but we are trying our best to use them properly. We also wrote some excellent essays about 'The Lost Puppy' and 'The Funny Clown' and we've tried to put as many adjectives as possible into our essays to make them more interesting. 
Also our class were very lucky to be invited to Phibsboro Library on November 19th to meet an author called Emer Conlon who read us one of her fantastic stories. Thanks to the parents who came along on the day to help out. 
Ms E Reilly
This month was another busy month in our class. We are still working very hard in power hour and we are enjoying our new teachers for it too. Some of us have even started reading novels!!! 
We are really loving our Irish lessons and we are becoming very good at our listening and speaking as Gaeilge. 
This month we also learned all about the 1916 rising and we found it very interesting...we also tried our best at learning Amhrán na bhFiann but it's quite tricky!! We have done up a 1916 Rising Fact File and are displaying them in our classroom.
In art we have been very creative this month. We drew excellent drawings for 'The Little House That Grew' and we also made houses out of lollipop sticks...the roofs were a little tricky but we got there in the end and now we get to paint them :)
Finally, for Science week we did lots and lots of awesome experiments...they were: The Chiming Fork, Measure the Volume, Breaking Surface Tension, Jumping Pepper, Static Electricity, Making Rainbow Paper and Hanging Crystals...they were cool!!!
Now we are looking forward to Christmas and behaving ourselves every day as Santa has sent out his watchful elves!!!!
Ms.Molloy’s 3rd 
This has been a busy month with lots of interesting visitors to our class and our school. Having been learning about making healthy food and drink choices in SPHE, we had a visit from a dental nurse who spoke to our class about taking care of our teeth. We are asking everyone to ‘Rethink your drink’! Did you know that a carton of Ribena has about the same amount of sugar as a can of coke?! With our new toothbrushes, we will be able to take good care of our teeth. We learned a poem about Spaghetti and wrote our own food poem.
By Ms. Molloy’s 3rd Class
This morning I was hungry,
But my Mum wasn’t there;
So I looked in the fridge -
Not even a pear!
My tummy was rumbling,
I needed to eat.
I was so hungry,
I couldn’t feel my feet!
“Mother!” I cried,
I guess she heard me,
The door flew open,
“It’s Mum! Oh goodie!!”
We also had a visit from Justine who works for the RSA (Road Safety Authority). She discussed how to stay safe as a pedestrian as well as a passenger in a car or on a bus. We learned the Safe Cross Code and made some posters to teach others about road safety. Last, but certainly not least, two army officers came to our school on the 19th of November to present us with a copy of the 1916 Proclamation and our national flag. Aaron represented both our class and the school, along with Naoise from Ms. Beirne’s class, in accepting these important items. All of the senior classes sang our national anthem ‘Amhrán na bhFiann’. It was a very proud moment for us all. 
November in Ms Quinn's First Class has been "Out of this World!". As we were learning about the moon we decided to take an early school tour up to space in our imaginary rockets!! We had to be very careful to ensure we were all wearing our seatbelts before the commander said "BLAST OFF!". While we were up there we had to walk a little differently due to the effects of zero gravity. We pretended to be Neil Armstrong and recited the line "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".
As part of this exploration of space, and in celebration of science week we made our own rocket in the classroom. It was great fun watching the rocket whizz away up into the air!
We continue to enjoy singing and have learned lots of new songs including "Eidelveiss", "Doe a Dear" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".
We think that we would give the contestants on X-factor a run for their money!
In English we are exploring the genre of narrative writing. As a class we have written a collaborative story called "Saving Santa" but very soon we will all be writing our own individual stories. In Maths we have been learning about tens and units and have enjoyed exploring the topic using cubes, lollipop sticks and various other materials.
This month in Ms. M. Flanagan's First Class we have been learning all about different types of houses.   We also looked at homes around the world, e.g. an Indian houseboat, an African mud hut.  In History we looked at the old cottages and how things have changed since then.  We learned a  poem called "Wanted" which was about a mouse who was looking for a house and also a rap called "Huff Puff Houses."  In Art we made some houses using lollipop sticks, matchsticks, card and straws.  We also created a "Street View" of houses.  We also made Irish flags in Art in preparation for the members of the Army coming to our school to issue us with a copy of the 1916 Proclamation and an Irish flag for the school.
Science week was also in November.  We were learning all about sound.   We used a string telephone to show that sound could travel along the string.  We used the percussion instruments to go on a musical journey.  We followed the pictures and had instruments representing each picture.  We used a sense of dynamics to make the sounds louder and quieter as they got nearer and then went further away.  We also experimented making music with water in jars.
We were doing lots of practise of tens and units in school using lots of different concrete objects.  We also learned about the calendar and did number work on numbers seventeen to twenty.
Ms Mulhall’s 
This month we have been working very hard with our Place Value learning all about tens and units. 
Our art this month was inspired by Winter Seasonal changes. We created lovely Winter trees and colourful Winter mittens. 
Science week was great fun in our class this month. We carried out lots of experiments. Making balloon rockets was very exciting. 
We are currently reading Roald Dahl’s “Magic Finger” as our class Novel and we can’t wait to hear what happens next. 
Ms. M. Beirne
This month third class have been learning about multiplication in maths. They have also been doing more work on fractions including work on equivalent fractions and decimal fractions. In science they have done some different experiments and have started Science for Fun on Tuesdays where they work on a different experiment every week with visiting parents.  In art they have started a group project whereby each group has to construct a 3-D model of a room in the house using various materials. They have been practising singing Amhrán na bhFiann in preparation for the visit of two members of the Air Corps to the school and Naoise, along with Aaron from Ms Molloy’s 3rd class, proudly represented the school in accepting the tricolour from them.
Dates to Remember
School will Close at 12noon on Tuesday 22nd December, 2015
School will re-open on Wednesday 6th January, 2016 at 8.50am SHARP

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