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Welcome to Miss Oliver's 2nd Class 📚😊

Hallowe'en Dress up day!

Look at some of our spooky costumes! We had great fun and raised lots of money for Temple Street Children's Hospital!



Hallowe'en Chocolate Apples

We turned our chocolate apples into scary ghosts!




Spooky slime!

2nd class made some slime as a reward for all their hard work! It was disgusting but we had lots of fun making it!





Sponsored Walk!

On Friday the 27th of September 2nd Class went on their sponsored walk to the Phoenix Park. It was a great day! We saw ducks, swans, collected leaves and conkers and went to the playground! Thanks so much to all the parents who joined us. 






First Class

Sports Day!

Sports Day was a great success! We got to take part in lots of different activities such as the parachute, three-legged race, egg and spoon race, sack race and many more. We were so lucky with the weather we needed to cool down afterwards with a refreshing ice pop!


Using Beebots in the classroom!

Here at Saint Peter's we are very lucky to have such cool technology available to use in our classrooms. This month we had the opportuntiy to work with the Beebots which was super fun! In groups we had to solve problems together to navigate our way around various maps and challenges. We can't wait to try again soon!


Saint Peter's Got Talent!

We practiced super hard for our performance in the Saint Peter's Got Talent Show and we were so excited when our class won a trophy for our performance of 'Shotgun' by George Ezra. Look at our delighted faces celebrating! 

Causey Farm!

First Class had a great day out to Causey farm in May! We got the opportunity to ride a tractor and see lots of animals. It was super fun getting to play outside and navigating our way through mazes and blowing bubbles.





Warming up for Winter!

In December, we made delicious hot chocolates with yummy marshmallows!

Pancake Tuesday!

We celebrated Pancake Tuesday by eating delicious pancakes. We decorated them with Nutella and they were super tasty!