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SPHE and Wellbeing as part of SSE 2019 2020

This year we are currently enagaging in the promotion of wellbeing and wellness among all stakegolders (pupils, parents an teachers). We are using the six steps of the SSE (School Self Evaluation) process to guide us. We have identified a focus (i.e. to promote the wellbeing and wellness of all stakeholders in the school). We gathered evidence (step 2) through use of questionnaires (parents, pupils and all staff memebrs as well as conducting focus groups with particular classes). Subsequently, we analysed the data and made judgements based on the findings (we found that we need to make improvements in the culture and environement domain). We are currently engaging in step 4 (writing a school improvement plan) which we will share with the community before putting the plan into action (step 5).


See the link below for details about the wellbeing framework for primary schools–2023.pdf


and refer to for details on the six step process.