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Third Class-Mr. McConigley

Scavenger Hunt in September

The children in my class were asked to take part in a scavenger hunt in finding out information about our summer holidays. They had to hunt down someone in the class that travelled on a plane, went to the beach, swam in the sea, ate different food etc during their summer holidays. 

Self-Portraits - Van Gogh

We looked at some of the work of Vincent Van Gogh for inspiration, in particular his self-portraits.  Using a variety of media i.e. pencils, crayons and pastels, we created our own self-potraits noting shape and colour of our physical facial features.

Counties of Ireland

During September, we spent a lot of time examining Ireland in terms of rivers, mountains, counties, provinces and townlands.  Each pupil selected a 'county' to do a research project on, which proved to be an educational and enjoyable experience for all of us.  Some of these were already presented in class.  Well done to everyone!

Violin Class with Ciara Kavanagh

Off to a bowing start in third class!  The children are working very hard in violin with Ciara and are making steady progress.  We are already excited to have our parents come along to our annual open day in December.

Myself - Pop Art - Keith Haring

Examining the popoular art-work of Keith Haring, which depicts graffitti-like work around the streets of New York City. We used his example of the 'Radiant Baby' to stimulate our own imaginations in groups.  One child used his/her full body to create an interesting pose and the other children drew around him/her.  Bright bold colours were used to paint the figure and some lines/strokes were added around the figure to suggest Haring's ideas were employed.  

Sponsored Walk 2019

We ventured off on our annual Sponsored Walk to the National Botanic Gardens this year.  We were allocated a wondeful tour guide who led us around the grounds of the gardens looking at the 'Art in Sculture' trail.  It was a very informative tour and we all had a fantastic day,.  We would like to thanks our parents who came along to assist us on our walk and also to all our sponsors (without them it wouldn't have been possible).

Equivalent Fractions in Maths

The pupils really enjoyed taking part in this interactive game to aid further understanding of equivalent fractions  (same as) in Maths.  Each child was given a fraction and he/she needed to locate his/her friend around the classroom (i.e. equivalent fraction).  

Halloween 2019

In preparation for Halloween celebrations, we looked at the History of Halloween and how it is celebrated in other places e.g. Dia los Muertos in Mexico.  We designed our own masks to incorporate styles such as the ones used in the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead.

Many of us dressed up in our favourite costumes, which was a lot of fun.  We were given the opportunity to 'Show and Tell' in class.  We collected a kind donation of €1 per child on the day, which will be donated to our Children's Hospital, Temple Street.  Thanks to everyone for getting involved.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2019


"Seek JOY in what you GIVE, NOT what you GET"

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the boys and girls (along with their families) in my class who took part in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal in collaboration with Team Hope, this year.  All of our gift-filled shoeboxes have been collected and will be sent to many children across Africa and Eastern Europe. 

Unfortunately, many of these children, that will receive our special gift-boxes are affected by poverty in many different ways (low-income families or those living on the margins of society/in areas affected by conflict).  Despite these difficult situations, the joy and excitement brought to every child who will receive a shoebox from us is just sheer magic, which is all down to YOU and your SUPPORT! You are all making a difference for someone this Christmas! Thank you! 

World Kindness Day

Owing to the celebration of World Kindness Day on November 13th, our class shared an act of kindess by offering/recording compliments to each of our fellow classmates on personalised handprints.  A 'Friendship Tree' was designed to hang our compliments.

Homes and Houses - Construction in Art

All children were divided into four groups.  Each group was given a particular room within the house to construct using recycled materials.  Once each room was carefully designed, we pieced all four rooms together to create the finished house.   Attention to detail was key in this activity and the children were very imaginative/creative whilst engaging in the artistic process.  


In English, we looked at the topic of 'How Rockets Work' and 'Space', which proved ro be an interesting topic of conversation among the class.  We wrote up a KWL chart to carry out some research about 'Space' at home and using ipads in school.  In art, we constructed some rockets using a variety of materials, fabric and fibres.  Lookinhg at space from a different perspective, we created a poster to represent 'Falling From Space', which we drew around our hands and feet bringing them to the forefront. 

An Nuacht - The News Section

Some of the children enjoyed taking on the role of the news reader and weather reporter in Gaeilge this month.  

Winter - Christmas Art Activities

The children painted, designed and crafted some wonderful pieces of Art for winter and Christmas.  Winter tree silhouttes were painted using colours of blue and white examining tone and colour (and black to represent the winter tree silhoutte).  

Winter hats (tree decorations) were created using fabric and fibre (wool) and a piece of a toilet roll holder.  The children had lots of fun looping in and out of each holder.  The end results were fascinating!

More Christmas tree decorations were created using clay.  An imprint of each child's finger were taken in clay.  Each of these were used to depict snowmen/women in winter.  These looked lovely and will be hanging very proudly on our trees this Christmas.

Bake Sale - Christmas Jumper Day

A Bake Sale and Christmas Jumper Day was held in our school on Friday 13th December 2019 in aid of Trócaire and Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.  It proved to be very successful and enjoyed by all pupils, parents and families.  Many thanks to each and everyone who baked, donated and helped out on the day.  We were all overwhelmed by your kindess and generosity, which in itself shows the true meaning of Christmas - 'A Time for Giving and Sharing'.smiley